Pop Mom: Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s CEO, Has Twins And Plans To Take Only 2 Weeks Off. Again.

December 17, 2015  |  

I’m catching up on my baby news when I read that Yahoo’s Chief Executive Marissa Mayer just had twins and plans to take only two weeks off. Two weeks? Not again. Is she going to build another nursery next to her office like she did the first time when she had her son in 2012? I’m puzzled because it wasn’t long after the birth of her son that she extended paid maternity leave for the entire company. It makes me wonder why she would give it to others, but not take it herself.

I think about how fortunate I was to have had months to bond with my first daughter when she was born. Granted, I wasn’t working, but still, those are the precious moments that no one can ever take away: that first smile, the moment when the baby finally begins to recognize your face, the countless cuddle time and knowing that you’re right where you’re supposed to be. And according to holistic health guru, Deepak Chopra, a strong emotional attachment between a mother and her baby may help prevent diseases, boost immunity, and enhance a child’s IQ.

And forget about the exhaustion a new mom feels after having spent 10 months creating another human being. It takes time to bounce back.

But then again, I wasn’t working when I had my baby so do I know how much time it really takes? Here I come google: How much time does it take for a woman’s body to heal from birth? Answer: for a vaginal delivery seven to 10 days, six to eight weeks if you have a C-Section, which makes sense because it’s a surgery. Obviously, Marissa knows this. She doesn’t get paid millions for being uninformed. Also, I think about women in remote villages all over the world who plow the fields after a few weeks of giving birth. They’ve known this for generations. Furthermore, millions of women today right here in America work jobs where there is paid maternity leave, so they have to come back to work because they need the money. I’m thinking about restaurant workers, cashiers, minimum wage workers, and plenty more.

So… maybe this whole idea of maternity leave is a social construct that makes it harder for women to fully stand up and embrace their full potential? What if in a twisted way Marissa is a role model, and the fact that she would extend maternity leave to the whole company could be a matter of pressure to be politically correct? Furthermore, I know for myself, being tied to a crying, pooping, sleeping newborn all day ain’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes I envied my husband for going to work, and wanted to scream, “Take me with you!”

At the end of the day, maternity leave can be great to have, but it should be an individual’s choice. For those who don’t choose it to the full extent, who are we to judge? If afforded the same opportunity to have what Marissa has at yahoo, it’s estimated she was paid 24 million in 2014, I’m pretty sure many of us would do the same thing, and build that nursery right next to the computer. So all that to say, congrats, Marissa, on the birth of your twins.

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