Would You Ditch a Friend of the Opposite Sex if Your Partner Asked You To?

July 8, 2011  |  

Here at Madame Noire, we’ve covered the issue of creating healthy NON-SEXUAL friendships between men and women in the past, and how these relationships are actually possible, despite the opinions out there that men and women can’t be friends. So say you have a good male friend that you’ve known for a long time. You two haven’t taken your relationship past the friendship realm (though if you wanted to you could), and you both like each other’s company for the good advice you offer to one another. The opportunities to just hang out. Don’t forget the laughs you share with one another. Sounds great right?

Now insert a new boyfriend. You like him a great deal and he’s definitely feeling you. The only thing is, he’s not feeling your homeboy. This same scenario can easily be flipped around where a man has female friends that you aren’t excited about, nor do you feel comfortable with him having. In either case, the mate might not like how “close” you and your friend are. I’ve heard a few women, including myself in the past I must sadly admit, say “what do you need ‘girlfriends’ for when you have a girlfriend?” As if there weren’t enough issues with male/female friendships. Knowing how you would feel if your mate was extremely chummy with a member of the opposite sex, what would you do if he/she asked you to dump your friend to keep your relationship on track? I ask this question because I’ve seen it done before. I’m sure many people have. But in reality, kicking a friend to the curb to quell the insecurities of your lover shouldn’t be necessary and it shouldn’t be done. Here’s five reasons why.

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