How Women And Men Approach Their Careers Differently

December 14, 2015  |  
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Since men and women often prioritize different things in life, it should come as no surprise that we approach our careers very differently. A career takes up a lot of time, energy and mental space. Just how and when men and women are willing to give up those things for their careers is very different.







Women care about sleep

We will finish a project tomorrow if it means getting enough sleep tonight. We know how vital sleep is to our health and indirectly to our careers.







Men will go without it

Men will pull all-nighters, down energy drinks and lose sleep for their careers. They don’t think as much about how a lack of sleep will slow down their careers, in the long run, due to the resulting health problems.







Women have lots of work friends

We look to the workplace for friends. We like being able to socialize and connect in the place we spend eight hours a day.









Men have mostly non-work-related friends

Men make friends outside of work, in sports leagues, college alumni associations and the like.






Work vs. home personality for women

Women tend to have a very specific workplace personality that is different from their home one. We are usually more stern and formal at work.






Work vs. home personality for men

Men often have the same personality across the board, whether they’re at work or home.







Money isn’t everything for women

Women generally will not stay in a job in which they are miserable just because it pays very well.






Men will put up with a lot for the money

Men are more likely to stay in jobs they can’t stand if it means high pay. This could be because men feel a sense of obligation to provide not just for themselves, but for a real or theoretical family.





Women and their work ego

If women mess up at work, we can let it go pretty quickly. We don’t feel defeated in all other areas of our lives.






Men and their work ego

If men mess up at work, it spans all areas of their lives. They feel like bad partners, bad fathers, bad friends, etc. It affects their ego across the board.






Women leave work at work

Women tend to try to be in the moment when they go home at night and leave work at work.







Men bring work home

Men have a harder time leaving work at work. They’ll want to talk about it at home, and let whatever happened at work affect their mood at home.







Workspace for women

Women care about creating a positive work environment. We like to organize group lunches, decorate our workspace and do what we can to make the area uplifting and cozy.






Workspace for men

Men don’t pay as much attention to their workspace. So long as they can get their work done, they don’t bother changing their workspace.








Work talk with friends, women

When women get together with friends outside of work, they don’t discuss their work very much. They’d rather discuss personal matters.









Work talk with friends, men

Men will discuss work with their friends a bit more than women do.

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