Restaurant Etiquette: Surefire Ways To Piss Of Your Waiter

December 14, 2015  |  
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We all know someone who’s not afraid to act a fool in a restaurant. But some of us like to avoid making moves that drive servers crazy. Whether you’re worried about compromised food or just want to have good restaurant etiquette, avoid these habits if you can!

Use A Groupon… And Then Discount The Tip

Raise your hands if you’ve done this. I always thought coupons applied to everything from the appetizer to tip, but servers have made it clear that just because the meal is discounted, that doesn’t mean the service is.

Splitting The Bill Every Which Way

Sometimes splitting the bill is necessary. The good news is that most servers don’t mind — as long as you tell them before you order so they don’t waste all day trying to do the math.

Acting A Fool Over Small Issues

Yes, you did tell her “no onions.” But yelling about it might get them picked out with that person’s fingers.

Playing Chef

Substitutions are one thing. But servers say that just because they have a variety of ingredients available in the kitchen doesn’t mean that they can make you a whole new dish.

Bringing Bebe’s Kids

I just want to leave this little PSA here on behalf of all of the servers (and everyone who’s sitting in your section).

Snapping To Get A Server’s Attention

Not only do servers hate this, but if you’re with a man who does this, feel free to walk away from that rude behavior as well.

Lingering After Getting The Bill During The Lunch Rush

It’s not just your imagination. Your server really is giving you the stink eye because you won’t free up the table for other hungry customers.

Saying You’re Friends With The Owner To Get Special Treatment

You might want to wait for the owner to vouch for you — or at least make sure the servers like the owner as much as you do. Otherwise you might be setting yourself up for the opposite of special treatment.

Tipping In Change

I always thought businesses liked extra change. Guess not. Servers say skip emptying out your change purse to give a tip.

Asking For The Hookup

You can ask, but most servers end up in hot water with their managers in an effort to help you out.

Leaving A Message On A Receipt — Instead Of A Tip

“I only give Jesus 10%”

You see these posted on the Internet all the time — because servers want everyone to know that they’d rather you, dear stingy customer, not leave a tip and just leave it at that.

Showing Up Right Before Closing Time

You’re thinking “Great! We made it before closing.” The servers and chefs are thinking about how much longer they’re going to have to stay because of you.

Blaming The Poor Child For Everything

It’s tempting to shoot the messenger, but servers want you to know they think the burger is overpriced too. Take your complaints to the right department (maybe after you get your food) and you’ll make your server’s day a little less hectic.

Threatening To Yelp

You’re much more likely to get an angry server than better service.

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