Are You The Most Annoying Couple On The Plane?

December 17, 2015  |  
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Do you and your partner fight a lot when you travel, or do you get along splendidly? Guess what? Either way, you could be driving the other passengers to order five bloody marys.




Seat negotiation

Your seats aren’t together, so you desperately beg someone to switch with you. You don’t even have a desirable seat to offer them in return. You think that being in love entitles you to sit wherever you want.





Constant visits

You couldn’t sit together after all. So what do you do? Wander back to your partner’s row every half hour to say hi, blocking passengers trying to walk to the bathroom.







Sex in the bathroom

If you dare, you make everybody hate you. And the flight attendants know. They know.








You’re so excited about your trip together and how in love you are, and you just have to share it. With your poor, unsuspecting seat mate who just wants to watch the new Transformers movie.






Reading out loud

Your partner didn’t bring a book, so you’re reading your book out loud to him. How fortunate for everyone else on the plane.








Not accepting the middle seat

You have the window seat, and your partner has the isle seat. Score! Well, not for the person in the middle seat. You and your partner wouldn’t give up your prime seats so instead you just pass things back and forth over the middle person the entire flight.





You’ve leaned both your seats back and are snuggling incessantly, shaking the movie screen of the people behind you.







Watching something together

You decide it will be fun and cute to watch the same in-flight movie at the exact same time, and laugh extremely loudly together at it.





Drinking too much

You have each other, and you have mini bottles of booze! What more could you possibly need? Certainly not the consideration for your neighbors who didn’t know they were flying on Senior Frogs tonight.





Sharing bags

You have stuff in your partner’s bag, and he has stuff in your’s, so you’re constantly digging under each other’s seats, disturbing that poor person in the middle we mentioned earlier.






Not letting that airport fight go

Okay, so you got in a tiff at the café before boarding. Do you have to discuss it for the entire four-hour flight?





Taking it out on everybody

Since you are still upset about that fight in the airport, when the flight attendant gets your drink order wrong, you belittle her.





Snacks galore

Let’s get a smorgasbord of treats to spill everywhere on the plane, you said. It will be fun, you said. You’re making a mess EVERYBODY said.





Speaking for the napper

Your partner wants to nap, and you say, “Go ahead! I’ll just wake you when the flight attendant comes with food.” And with drinks, and snacks, and the second round of drinks. The flight attendant has to wait three times as long at your row while you wake the napper.



The blanket

Use your own blankets. Don’t canoodle underneath one, making everybody wonder what you’re up to.

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