Bathroom Habits That Make Him Want To Leave

December 15, 2015  |  
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When it comes to bathroom activities, women just do more. We have more tools, more appliances, more products, more…everything. So, naturally, when we move in with a man, they can be a little shocked by some of our bathroom routines. Here are just some of the bathroom habits that make men want to run for the hills — or an all-male locker room.

Hair in the drain

Long, flowing, gorgeous locks of hair…in the drain. Men love hair when it’s on your head, not when it’s clogging their drain.



Hair on the wall

If you’re in the habit of taking the wet hair that comes out of your head during shampooing and sticking it on the walls of the shower, your partner is terrified every time he steps in there.


Nail polish cotton balls

When you throw cotton balls with blue nail polish in the toilet, your boyfriend thinks you murdered a Smurf in there.

Shaving foam

Shaving foam is fine. What isn’t fine is smearing the excess on the walls of the shower, where it turns yellow and looks like mold.




Sanitary items

Don’t traumatize the guy: wrap your used tampons and pads in tissue before throwing them on top of the trash for the world to see.


Empty TP cartons

You know that little empty cardboard roll that the toilet paper came on? Yeah—that’s not an emergency backup piece of toilet paper for you to wipe yourself with and leave on top of the toilet.

Our sprays

The spray we use to cover up the scent after we take care of business—they hate those sprays. And they don’t cover up anything.



Makeup pads

No, you will not reuse that little makeup pad or sponge. You will leave it there to rot, like you always do, and use a new one tomorrow. Just throw it away.

Oil strips

Little blue oil strips look like they’re covered in pizza grease after use. And they get stuck to everything. Throw them out.




Armpit hair

You may think, “It’s so little hair it can go in the sink.” No, it can’t.








Toenail clippings

He probably leaves his around too, but your’s are very prominent since they are red and sparkly.

Reusable razors

If he likes a shaved va-jay-jay, he probably doesn’t like to see the pubes that came off of it, sticking out of a purple razor next to his shampoo.


Razor caps

Speaking of reusable razors, throw the caps out immediately. The fall on the floor of the tub for your man to step on and they hurt. They can bring a man to his knees.

Empty bottles in the shower

I know that Moroccan oil shampoo was expensive. But let it go. In fact, let them all go. Every empty bottle you keep adding water to, hoping to get a little something out of.

Hair in the hairbrush

Hair that you haven’t removed for months is just reaching out from your hairbrush for his toothbrush.

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