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The holidays are here, which means family feuds are in full swing. It’s always interesting to hear what trivial things relatives choose to fight over. And a recent Reddit post proves that people are getting more creative each year. This particular Redditor, who we’ll call Sarah, has found herself in the middle of a nasty disagreement with her in-laws. The drama began on Thanksgiving Day when Sarah’s brother-in-law began demanding that she and her husband supply all 15 of the children in their family with Christmas gifts because Sarah and her husband are childless. Yes, the nerve! As you probably guessed, Sarah is pissed—and for food reason. She explains:

My husband has a very large family, in total I think his father has 8 brothers/sisters. They all got married and had 2-6 children each. Now all their children are grown up and starting families as well. We are looking at easily, I believe, 15 children in the family as of right now. We all get together for Christmas every year at his grandparents’ house… sounds great right? Right.

Normally after Thanksgiving or on Thanksgiving, which they also all get together for, we pick names for the children’s gift swap. There is also a men and women gift swap which my husband and I, who do not have children, join in on.

Now, to give you and idea of how the gifting has been the last 10 years: Husband and I would buy gifts for his parents, his brother and wife and their 4 kids. Great, awesome. Works fine. Last year, they said they would rather we just bought gifts for the kids, so we did. Same thing we’d always gotten them books at their reading level, PJs, and puzzles of some kind. They were upset but we couldn’t place why. We also didn’t get any gifts at all, which we didn’t comment on, but my husband admitted he was a bit hurt to get nothing from his parents vs. his brother and sister-in-law getting gifts.

I am not a super social person so I spent most of Thanksgiving reading a book and watching one of the youngest cousins sleep. Eventually we all gathered up so the kids could draw names of their cousins for the gift swap. They finished that up and then husband’s brother, who we’ll just call ‘Timmy,” says: “And uncle Husband will buy all the kids a gift too!” Queue my husband and I giving him looks of ‘da f-ck and f-ck you.’ We laughed and said, “Oh no, haha we’ll just be bringing the candy again this year.”

As if that were not awkward as hell, Sarah explains that Timmy refused to drop it and continued to pressure them, which is when things got nasty.

His brother then started in that we should buy all of the children gifts since we have none. And that it wasn’t very Christian of us to not bless the children with our good fortune. My husband, at this point, pulled him aside into the kitchen and told him he wasn’t buying all of the cousins gifts, and if he wanted to, he was welcome to. They started to argue and Timmy yelled that we shouldn’t come to Christmas anymore.

Sarah and her husband decided to leave at that point, but it wasn’t long before they learned that other relatives—including her mother and father-in-law—agree with Timmy.

Things got even more heated when Sarah’s husband sent an email to the family addressing the issue. Apparently, Sarah’s in-laws feel that she and her husband waste their “time and life volunteering, and don’t spend enough time with their children/cousins/cousins’ children/family anymore.”

We’re flabbergasted by the fact that Sarah’s in-laws are counting her coins like this. What are your thoughts on this situation?

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