What Things Should Celebrities Keep To Themselves?

December 4, 2015  |  
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A big part of fame is living your life out in the open. But should some celebrities keep these touchy subjects and things to themselves?


Wendy Williams just called for more women to speak up about theirs. Do you think this should be a more commonly discussed subject for women to help one another cope? Or is it something you would handle privately?

All The Details Of Their Marital Troubles

When Will Smith recently called his marriage to Jada Smith “excruciating” at times, did anyone else wonder if this was something Jada and the kids might have preferred for him to keep to himself?

Parenting Decisions

Should Christina Millian’s daughter have crochet braids? Was Willow Smith too young to be laying down in bed with her older, male friend?

Sometimes it’s hard to blame some celebrity parents for keeping their children out of the spotlight — especially when every parenting decision is put under a microscope.

Your Colonics

Did Phaedra and Porsha’s decision to get a colonic on a recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta gross anyone else out? That’s just the tip of the TMI reality TV iceberg.

Photos Of The Deceased

Some people seem to be on the fence about this. Are pictures of beloved deceased relatives OK to share? What if you have 2.5 million followers like Kevin Gates who shocked most of his fan base with a photo of his dead grandmother on social media?

Mental Health Struggles

Lark Voorhies is the latest celebrity having trouble keeping it together on social media. Does anyone else feel bad that no one is around to give her a hard “no” next time she wants to get on Instagram? She’s certainly not the only one.

STDs And Infections

We applaud celebrities for sharing their struggles with different diseases — but what about ones of the sexually transmitted kind? Like when Trey Songz told us about the time he obtained crabs, or the fact that Charlie Sheen is just a few days out from his HIV confession and already getting sued over it…

Who Did It

Is there a G code in Hollywood? Chris Brown refuses to speak up about who robbed his home and held his aunt at gunpoint because the suspects were reportedly people he once called friends. If you were famous, would you tell?

Things They Haven’t Shared With Their Families

Was anyone else surprised to hear Brandy say that she had to hear about Ray J’s engagement on TV with the rest of us?

Their Politics

Serious question: Do you really want to know the political opinions of your favorite celebrities?

Behind-The-Scenes Feuds

We all want to know the dirt. However, there are times when we can be given too much dirt. Does it sometimes do more harm than good?

For example, was Monique right to out her issues with Lee Daniels? Or were critics right in saying her admission wasn’t a good idea since it created even more strife?

Beef With Family

How would I feel if my mom sued me and then shared the details with the whole wide world? Pretty crappy. A beef between adults is one thing, but shouldn’t the kids get to stay out of it?

“Retirement” Announcements

Remember when being tired of being famous meant just dipping out of the spotlight until your “Where Are They Now?” episode or article popped up? Don’t talk about it, just be about it.

Their Eggplants

Just kidding! Instagram may be attempting to put a stop to this, but I say keep it coming!

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