A White Woman Had To Be Exploited Before Twitter Suspended George Zimmerman’s Account

December 3, 2015  |  

If you’re wondering why people are taking to the streets screaming Black Lives Matter, it’s because the actions of society, law enforcement, the government and even social media corporations seem to keep reiterating the notion that they don’t…or not as much as those of White people.

Today, George Zimmerman’s twitter account was finally suspended. 

If you’re thinking that this suspension is in response to calls to #BanGeorgeZimmerman after he posted a picture of Trayvon Martin’s dead body, back in October, you’d be wrong.

Twitter suspended Zimmerman’s account after he decided to tweet nude pictures of a woman he claimed to be dating. He said this woman, who he named, cheated on him with a “dirty Muslim.” And then he listed her phone number.

But he didn’t stop there, in another tweet he accused her of stealing his gun and cash from him. He then posted another nude picture of her, along with her e-mail address.

If the woman did not give Zimmerman permission to post those photos of her, then he will have violated Florida’s Sexual Cyberharassment law. Perhaps this will finally lead to him serving some time in jail.

But considering the way he’s been able to evade both prison and death, after killing an unarmed teenage boy, threatening his ex wife and being shot at, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t suffer any consequences for this either.

Who knows though. If this jilted lover plays it right and sheds a few tears in front of the right news cameras, people may rally behind her. Lord knows, the mainstream loves a victimized White woman.

While I sympathize with her, being taunted on social media by someone she foolishly trusted, I am disgusted at the fact that her White body and her White feelings meant more to Twitter than Trayvon’s dead Black body being posted on Twitter by the very man who took his life. The act was stomach churning and a direct slap in the face to the Martin family specifically.

I would love to know how the people at Twitter rationalized protecting this woman’s feelings but couldn’t find it within themselves to do the same for Trayvon Martin’s family, for other victims of racism and police brutality or the millions of people who were deeply disturbed by the fact that, to this day, there has been no atonement for Martin’s murder.

Twitter users “at mentioned” the site and its founder, for days, asking that Zimmerman be banned from the social media site. It was clear that he was using the platform as a means to gloat about the murder of an unarmed, innocent teenager. But not only did Twitter employees seem to be unfazed by that, those asking for a ban couldn’t even get a response. But just months later, the very day he posted nude photos of a White woman his account was suspended within hours. Fascinating.

When Twitter suspends accounts for simply posting “spam” and has an extensive “abusive behavior policy” that specifically mentions tweets that have “the primary purpose of the reported account is to send abusive messages to others,” it is appalling they didn’t find Zimmerman’s account in violation of any of these terms.

Knowing his sadistic history, his account and IP address should have been permanently suspended the very day he attempted to create a Twitter account. It’s high time we stop treating this man like a celebrity or expecting him to turn over a new leaf and suddenly become a decent human being. He is not that. And since he has proven himself to be morally bereft time and time again, it would be great if society would start treating him like the career criminal he is.

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