Just When You Thought Breast Milk Was Just For Feeding Babies…

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The term “liquid gold” refers to breast milk and its ability to nourish babies. But did you know its golden qualities can also heal baby’s skin ailments? Did you know that breast milk prevents baby from many childhood illnesses? Or that it can be wonderful for teething when frozen? Moms, check out these amazing alternative uses for your powerul breast milk.

Blocked Tear Ducts

Within the first two weeks of my daughter’s life she developed blocked tear ducts, which I found out is very common among newborns. Her eyes looked puffy and there was yellow crust all around it that wouldn’t go away no matter how many times I wiped it off. When I first asked the pediatrician about it, she prescribed us antibiotics. Some would be fine with that–and that’s okay–but I won’t ever give a 10-day-old baby antibiotics. Upon doing research on alternatives to help with her blocked tear ducts, I read about the amazing healing power of antibacterial breast milk. I squirted it directly into her eyes and I lie to you not – the next day there was not even a sign of blocked tear ducts. I was amazed. When I told her pediatrician she agreed that that was a great alternative. I’m not sure why she didn’t just recommend that from the beginning, but that’s another topic.

Baby Acne

My daughter also developed really bad acne in the first two months. Newborn acne happens to most babies as their bodies process and clear maternal hormones. While it’s totally natural for your baby to have teenage-worthy breakouts, it’s hard to resist wanting to treat those baby pimples. The best remedy for newborn acne is to gently dab a breast milk-soaked cotton ball over baby blemishes. You will notice almost instant results.

Healing Sore or Cracked Nipples

Especially for first time moms, breastfeeding can sometimes be very painful, leaving you with sore, cracked nipples. While lanolin, tea bags, and warm compresses are good remedies, La Leche League reports that expressing a small amount of breast milk onto your nipples is in fact among the best cures. If you don’t notice an improvement, please seek medical attention.

Prevent Childhood Illnesses

If you’re one of my loyal readers, you know that I’m a breastfeeding mama and that I have not vaccinated my eight-month-old daughter and also do not plan on doing so. She has not had a runny nose, coughing or anything even near to a cold. Baby immune systems still have to mature, so in the meantime, the antibodies present in breast milk can help protect him or her against a variety of childhood illnesses, including ear infections, viruses, upper and lower respiratory ailments, colds, allergies, intestinal disorders, staph, strep and e coli infections, meningitis, diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, many childhood cancers, pneumonia, salmonella, urinary tract infections, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS), asthma, and much more.

Frozen Breast Milk Teether

Luckily, my daughter isn’t a fussy teether, therefore I haven’t tried this method yet, but everyone is preaching about it so I’m confident in it being as amazing as they say. For this method, you need to freeze breast milk in clean ice cube trays and store the trays in a freezer bag before storing them in the freezer. To serve you can either use a baby-safe feeder to prevent it from being too slippery for baby or just hold the cube and rub it on baby’s gums to help relieve and numb the pain.

Have you tried any of these alternative uses for breast milk? Talk about it below!

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