People You Hope You Don’t Have To Sit Next To On The Flight Home

November 25, 2015  |  
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Flying home this holiday season? Time to cross your fingers and hope you don’t find yourself next to any of these annoying passengers.

The Seat Kicker

Why do people let their children do this?

A Baby

Hating a child is wrong. But it’s hard to avoid after 40 minutes of screaming.

The Stinker

Is that onions I’m smelling?

The Close Sitter

The one who passes up rows of empty seats to plop down next to you…

Someone Who Takes Up More Than One Seat

And yet, they did not purchase more than one seat.

The Armrest Hog

Do you fight for it or keep your elbows in your lap?

The Nodder

Getting drooled on by a stranger is probably the low point of any flight.

The Nervous Flyer

Now I’m nervous.

The Snorer

Who is somehow louder than your headphones.

The Climber

Why do the people with the smallest bladders always sit in the middle?

The Gassy Passenger

Please. Stop.

The Sick Person

Who doesn’t cover their mouth when they sneeze.

The Couple

Especially when you’re flying while single.

The Close Talker

The one who doesn’t understand that headphones are the universal “no talking” sign.

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