Are Black Men Responsible For The Dangerous Butt Enhancement Craze?

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Even with what we now know about the dangers of butt injections and other rump-enhancing procedures, women continue to go to these perilous lengths in hopes of attaining a perfectly shaped bottom. Recently, a meme has been making its rounds on social media, which features the image of a woman with an unrealistically large and disfigured-looking backside. The message that accompanies the image reads:

Dear Black Woman,

This has to stop. This is not attractive. As Black men, we apologize for misleading you to believe that this is the quintessential Black woman. Sorry for not cultivating, protecting, and loving your mind, soul, spirit, dreams, and ambition.

Wednesday, rapper Wale reposted the meme on his Instagram page with a personal message attached.

I can speak for most of us… I’m sorry if I ever made y’all feel like you need to ruin what God gave you..

Some girls say they don’t care what nobody thinks… I find it difficult to believe that one would alter [their] body this significantly for themselves…It must feel like sittin’ on a stack of phone books when they use the potty. Ladies, I promise we like y’all for bein’ sexy . But we LOVE y’all for being everything else.

While I don’t expect anyone to probe too deeply into Wale’s caption, I am interested in hearing what others think of this meme in general and what it essentially represents. Quite a few men I follow on Instagram have reposted it, and while I’m not quite sure how sincere they all are, it seems that at least some of them feel somewhat responsible for the dangerous path that booty praise has sent some women down. Take Wykesha Reid, for example, who died last February following her fourth butt enhancement procedure.

“Everybody else got big booties,” said Patrice Kelley, the woman who raised Wykesha,“So she wanted a big booty.”

It was an extremely tragic situation and unfortunately, Wykesha is one of many.

Sure, our curves were admired and praised by Black men long before they went mainstream. You know, back when other races criticized us for them. And yes, grown women should be held responsible for the decisions that they make, but are men also to blame for also placing too much emphasis on a specific body type?

Noirettes, we want to hear your thoughts so please weigh in below.

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