Pop Mom Daily: New Moschino Barbie Commercial Features A Little Boy For The First Time

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Hold on to your kids!

Mattel just released a limited edition Moschino Barbie that retails at $150 and sold out in an hour. While that’s already something to talk about, what’s really set tongues ablaze is the new commercial. “Moschino Barbie is fierce!” exclaims a Mohawk-wearing little boy, totally stealing the scene. The first boy to ever appear in a Barbie doll commercial, we’re sure. Clearly, it’s an epic moment, and even someone like me, who considers herself to be pretty open-minded, had to stop and ask, why are they using this little boy to push their gay agenda?

Hijacking Empire was just the beginning, and it seems like they won’t stop until gay and transgender is everywhere. And if the powerful influence of media it’s just a matter of time before little Jamal wants to become Jenny and little Patricia wants to be Patrick. This has got to stop.

I’m about to go psychotic in the comments section of the clip on YouTube when my eyes catch a big orange toy truck in the middle of the floor. It’s a toy I bought for my daughters for Christmas last. I got it for them because I loved playing with my brother’s remote control cars growing up. I also played with his toy soldiers, and his hand-held football games were my favorite. We’re only 10 months apart so he played with my dolls too, and neither one of us is gay or transgender.

I grew up to become the mother that I am and he went to the army, so there goes that theory of toys somehow influencing us to be gay. I wonder how things might have been different if my mom had censored us? When I really think about it, I like having toys that are both masculine and feminine.

When my girls start leaning too heavily on dolls I start worrying that they’re thinking too much about the exterior and not what makes them special on the inside.

When I look at my neighbor’s boy and how heavily he’s pushed towards toy guns I wonder if he’s going to grow up aggressive. Maybe a doll or two might help balance him out.

Thinking back to my reaction to seeing that boy in the video, I’m aware that I was projecting my fears onto him. But what if he’s just a kid having the time of his life? As parents, we become so protective that we stifle them before they even get out of the gate. I do a little research and come across an article written by Dr. Kristin Carothers, clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute. She says, “Kids need to be able to explore different roles and learn about their interests so they can better understand who they are and what makes them happy. Allowing them to choose their toys and activities will help them become independent and make better decisions as they grow older.”

In other words, kids need to be kids. I remember a video that went viral not long ago of a man whose little boy got two of the same toys for his birthday and when his father took him to the store to exchange one toy for a new one, he chose a doll. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, the father received a ton of praise.

“We [he and his wife] let our boys choose their lives,” said the father. That was an epic moment too.

How about, we’re making too much of all this? If anything, Mattel’s real agenda was in creating a commercial that would get everyone talking, and thus sell more Barbies, which they succeeded in doing. I’m more concerned with the Kardashian-style empty materialism that this Moschino Barbie doll is portraying, but that’s yet another controversy. Bottom line is, we should all take it easy and let kids be kids.

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