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Let me be brief: The current Presidential campaign has become a big top circus act that I simply cannot subscribe to. It makes me sick to my stomach the endless mockery that is made of the American political system at the expense of the American people. We have spent eight years under the leadership of a president who, even if you disagree with his agenda, has carried himself with the utmost class and respect for not only this country, but the entire world. Now that his term is quickly coming to an end, we are forced to witness mediocre shenanigans by mediocre candidates as they attempt to use their mediocrity to get into the Oval Office. And I’m not here for any of it. There isn’t one candidate at this point that I want to vote for.

I recently came across an article on The Daily Beast titled “Will Hillary Be Our Third Black President?” by Michael Tomasky, and from the title alone I gasped and clutched my pearls. In it, Tomasky looks at the numbers of Black voters who voted for President Obama in both 2008 and 2012. President Obama received over 90 percent of the Black vote during both elections. The question the article asks is if Clinton can have the same success with Black voters. But the eye-opening statement in the article that differentiates the Obama campaign from the Clinton campaign is the reality that “Obama inspired Blacks to vote in larger numbers.” The entire journey on the Obama For America campaign trail was nothing but inspiring. As a gifted orator, he had the unique ability to bridge both generational and gender gaps, getting everyone from the young to the old excited to get to the polls and vote. Clinton has yet to do anything to inspire or motivate people. Here’s why.

Right now, our country is in social unrest whether you want to accept it or not. Racial issues that many have swept under the rug are resurfacing, some of which have resulted in the death of innocent human beings–innocent Black human beings. Our Black President has been disrespected and stifled during his term by a racist Congress. Our children are walking in fear not just in their neighborhoods but on their college campuses. And here comes Hillary Clinton with no clear agenda or priority to even address racial injustice in America, despite the candidate being the clear frontrunner. You would think that being a woman and having to face discrimination throughout her career, one of her priorities would be to make sure those facing such obstacles deserve, at the very least, a comprehensive strategy that will begin a path to justice. Not just occasional euphemisms about criminal justice reform but a real genuine concern about racial injustice and a plan of action. But then again, does she have that ability amid her White female privilege?

Clinton, in so many ways, reminds me of Scandal character Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young). Grant had to deal with the very private issues of her marriage with the entire world watching, just like Clinton. And just like Clinton, Grant has kept up her smile and kindred persona with the public to fuel her professional agenda–the ultimate goal of being President of the United States of America. But neither Grant on television, nor Clinton in real life, have proven themselves to be trustworthy enough to lead an entire nation.

So no matter how many whips and nae naes she does on the campaign trail to try and relate to the Black community, Hillary Clinton still won’t secure this Black woman’s vote, despite the name association.

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