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Kayden Coleman, a 29-year-old a trans man, was shocked to learn he was pregnant, nearly 10-years after he had begun transitioning. Coleman had been gaining weight gradually, was using the bathroom frequently and was noticing a lack of energy. After looking at pictures of himself on Instagram, he even noticed that his nose was getting wider. In addition to all these symptoms, he was also experiencing back pain. He asked his then-boyfriend, now-husband, Elijah to give him a back massage.

According to the Daily Mail, Coleman said, “It felt like there was a pillow under my stomach but there was no pillow.” Then he joked with his partner that he should get a pregnancy test. It came back positive.

At the time, Kayden learned of his pregnancy he had stopped taking hormones because he was preparing to have a mastectomy. Under doctors orders you have to be off of hormones for six weeks before having the surgery.

Once the doctor confirmed the news that he was indeed expecting, Kayden and Elijah prepared themselves for the arrival of the baby and got married.

But in addition to waiting for the new addition to their family, Kayden also had to deal with the pressure and pain of telling people of his trans identity and receiving their negative comments in response, including from Elijah’s family.

Elijah hadn’t disclosed Kayden’s trans status to them because “…I felt like if Kayden wanted them to know he should tell them himself.”

Kayden was forced to do just that once he learned he was pregnant.

“How could we explain the baby when she popped up after a couple of months?”

Though Elijah’s family didn’t take it too well, Kayden’s family was very supportive.

Kayden found out he was pregnant at five months; so shortly after he told Elijah’s family, the couple welcomed their daughter Azelia into the world.

“Even when I first held her it hadn’t sunk in that she was mine, so I didn’t really feel much. But I knew things would never be the same.”

Kayden suffered from post-natal depression but things eventually got better.

Earlier this year, Kayden spoke to BuzzFeed about raising his daughter in a non-traditional family.

“I love when she randomly comes over and gives me a hug and kiss. I love when she says ‘Dada!’ over and over and thinks it’s hilarious. I love her attachment to both of us.”

And most profoundly, he said,

“We are more than capable of loving our children just as much and just as efficiently as any other parent. Our children will not be any more confused or bullied about my being trans than any other kid is about something like having a single parent.”

You can watch Kayden tell his story in his own words in the video below.

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