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Growing up, dancehall music taught my friends and I that a tighter pum-pum (vagina) meant you’d have a better life. Essentially, your man would remain faithful, no other woman could ever compare to you, and you would be highly respected, if not worshiped. Unfortunately, Vybz Kartel’s lyrical fantasies do not hold weight in real life. Despite this, women  across the globe  invest in various products to help tighten their vaginal muscles on a daily basis. The financial benefits of this industry are so lucrative, France administers vaginal physical therapy to women who’ve had natural births. Luckily, if you don’t plan on moving to France anytime soon, there is a new product on the market to help with such needs: The Elvie.

The tiny gadget is an egg-shaped insertable device that has a long tail to wrap around your vulva in order to stay in place. Internally, the Elvie is embedded with a Bluetooth that connects with your phone to help record your exercise sessions. Users of the Elvie also have to download its app to follow exercise instructions. Before you begin, the Elvie reveals a breakdown of the training sessions into three sections: Training, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Starting as a Beginner, Reporter Elissa Strauss of  Elle Magazine said she was instructed to move the Elvie to various locations in her nether region using only the muscles of her vaginal wall. After the exercise was completed, the Elvie gave her a score which Strauss said was low. However, she wasn’t surprised because she recently gave birth to a nine-pound baby and didn’t perform kegels regularly.

The Elvie instructed her to do these three exercises as follows: “[first] you lift, hold, and drop the “ball,” another requires you to pulse, and the third commands you to squeeze as hard as you can.” After regularly working out with her Elvie, Strauss claimed that it was easier for her to urinate and she felt more confident during sex, especially since she gave birth to her child. She explained that childbirth places a lot of stress on a woman’s pelvic floor. Because of this, a woman can experience leaking, uterine prolapse or incontinence. When vaginal muscles are stressed because of the birthing process, they either contract weakly, or not at all, during an orgasm. When this happens, a woman may not feel sexually satisfied after giving birth.

The Huffington Post also noted that stronger pelvic floor muscles help increase a woman’s libido. “When pelvic floor strengthening exercises are used, it creates a stronger genital mind connection, promoting more blood flow to the area. A stronger awareness can more easily put you in the mood when you otherwise might not be.”

Although vaginal strengthening is viewed in pop culture as a way for women to please men, it also helps women who have weak bladders or whose uterine walls are on the verge of collapsing. These health risks can cause discomfort and a woman’s uterus  can even fall out of her vagina. Knowing this information, would you purchase the Elvie for $199 to for a stronger vagina?

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