Why Are My Ears Ringing? Ways Your Caffeine Addiction Is Negatively Effecting Your Health

November 12, 2015  |  
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If the long lines at Starbucks and the energy drinks that fill convenience store shelves are any indication, Americans are obsessed with caffeine.  And though its benefits are obvious and immediate – energy and mood boosting, increased concentration, etc. – caffeine can be addictive.  If consumed excessively, caffeine in the form of a cup of coffee can do more harm to your body and mental health than good. Here are a few examples of how your cup of Joe and energy drinks could be negatively affecting you.

The Shakes

If you stretch your hands out in front of you and can’t keep them still or appear to have the shakes, blame the caffeine pumping through your veins.  For caffeine addicts, this feeling is probably “normal,” but the adrenaline increase that causes jitters isn’t something you should get used to.


Pressure Through The Roof

Researchers aren’t entirely clear on the why of it all, but caffeine is known to cause spikes in blood pressure.  If your blood pressure is already high due to diet, family history or other reasons, you might want to stay away from caffeine.  If coffee is your poison, switch to decaf.  But if you still crave the coffee taste and not necessarily the jolt (or elevated pressure) associated with it, try coffee with a caffeine-free option like Teeccino.


If you treasure your sleep, consuming copious amounts of caffeine is a definite no-no.  Caffeine stimulates brain activity, activity that doesn’t exactly stop just because it’s time to go night night.  And when you finally do get to sleep, the caffeine in your system can lead to weird, bizarre or even frightening dreams.  None of that will help you catch some Z’s and then you’ll turn to coffee the next day to counteract the fact that you barely slept, repeating the tiring cycle.

Madame Poops-A-Lot

This is for you coffee drinkers.  The caffeine in coffee can stimulate the large intestines, which will lead some with sensitive stomachs to the bathroom.  The acidity in coffee also plays a role in building up bile, which…you know.  Here’s a helpful tip: chase every sip or every other sip of coffee with water.  It won’t keep you from going number one, but it should keep you from having to go number two.

Bells Are Ringing–In Your Ears

Ringing in the ears, a.k.a. tinnitus, is no joke.  If you experience this symptom, it might be time to lay off the caffeine for a little bit.  Go bite your nails or something.

Be Still My Heart

That unusual pitter-patter your heart is doing?  It’s not because of your office crush.  Excessive caffeine can cause heart palpitations.  Remember this before you panic and think you’re having a heart attack.  Unless of course you actually are having a heart attack, which is a whole other set of problems.

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

If soda is your go-to drink, you’re not only consuming caffeine, you’re allowing large amounts of sugar into your body.  In conjunction with other factors, overconsumption can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and a slew of other chronic health issues.

What’s That Smell?

Bad breath isn’t exactly bad for your health, but if you drink your coffee black, expect your breath to be humming.  You wouldn’t even want to kiss yourself with that foul mouth.


Caffeine can both giveth and taketh away headaches.  It’s one of its many talents.  Drinking too much caffeine can give you a headache and refraining from caffeine when you’re a regular partaker can lead to withdrawals, which leads to headaches.  What a conundrum.

What Was That?

Being the stimulant that it is, caffeine can make you feel anxious and nervous.  If you’re prone to high anxiety, it won’t do you any favors.  Caffeine will just make you a testy, jumpy mess, which kind of defeats the purpose of drinking coffee or chugging an energy drink in the first place.

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