What Your Destination Wedding Guests Are Really Thinking

November 11, 2015  |  
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When you and your fiance first decided to host a destination wedding, all you probably thought about was exchanging vows to the sounds of crashing waves (or dolphins singing or whatever your flavor is). Unfortunately, that is the last thing your guests thought of when they got the invitation. Here is what your destination wedding guests are really thinking.

I should not have to get a gift

How about the $1,300 I’m dropping on airfare and hotel rooms is my gift? How about that?

Maybe you should pay me to be there

On second thought, if it’s so important to you to have a wedding in Tibet, how about you fly us all out there?

Are we that close?

Is there a chance that I can not go, and they don’t hate me?

Maybe if it were somewhere I wanted to go

I only get so many vacation days! I shouldn’t have to spend them on somebody else’s event! Couldn’t they have at least had this somewhere cool like Hawaii?

Of course, because they have money

Of course they’re hosting this across the globe—they have money and forgot that not everybody is loaded like they are!

When I have my wedding…

They better get me a real nice gift. You know—like one that costs around $1,300.

This wedding better be baller

We better all get scallop with filet mignon and personal bottles of champagne and chauffers—at least.


And there better be free meals

Don’t expect me to fly across the world for two weeks—because you know I’ll need that much time to handle the jet lag—for you to only feed me on the wedding day. You better feed me for at least five days.

Speaking of jet lag

Oh great, I also have to account for the days it will take me to recover from jet lag when I get back. That’s more days taken off of work.

There better be activities

Don’t expect me to arrange my own agenda when I’m in the middle of nowhere. There better be some tours planned for the guests!

Is it even safe there?

Are you guys putting us at risk all for the sake of your nuptials?!

Actually, this could be fun…

Okay. Flight and hotel are booked. Oooh. That hotel actually has a really nice view. I don’t hate the idea of taking two weeks off work. I needed an excuse to take a break.

And when do we get to travel together?

Never. We never get to travel with our couple friends. It’s impossible to get everyone in one place. This wedding will make that happen!

I’m only on this planet for so long

I never thought before that I wanted to visit this place, but on second thought, I’d like to visit as much of this earth as possible. My friend’s wedding is a great reason to go here.

They’d do the same for me

The truth is that this friend would travel across galaxies to see me get married. I should stop complaining.

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