45-Year-Old Mother Statutorily Rapes Daughter’s 13-Year-Old Boyfriend

November 6, 2015  |  

Elaine B. Goodman, of Dover, Delaware, is facing several charges after she statutorily raped a 13-year-old boy in the backseat of her car last spring.

According to Delaware Online, the young boy snuck out his house to meet Goodman, then 44, at 1 a.m. The two drove around before parking and sitting in the backseat. That’s when the sexual abuse began. They were there until 4:30 in the morning when Goodman dropped him off so she could get ready for work.

During an interview with the Children’s Advocacy Center, the boy said after kissing and undressing him, Goodman “took his you-know-what and put it in her you-know-what.”

From there, the Smyrna Police Department started investigating the incident. They collected DNA evidence from the car, clothing worn that night and text messages from cell phones.

Reportedly, the 13-year-old boy is her daughter’s boyfriend.

Goodman had been texting the boy as well as her friend that implicated her in the rape.

According to documents, she texted her friend saying, “He is so cute with a nice ass body. I asked him what in the world are u doing with a body like that at 13…”

Goodman was charged with fourth degree rape, three counts of third-degree rape, two counts of second-degree unlawful sexual conduct and sexual solicitation of a child. She was arrested on Wednesday and sent straight to the Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution in lieu of $225,000 bond.

This story is chalk full of disturbing and dysfunctional details. This is pedophilia plain and simple. Goodman raped that young man. Still, the story is largely being reported with words like “had sex with,” “had intimate relations” or “engaged in a sexual relationship.” She clearly took advantage of this young boy, who couldn’t even say the words penis and vagina. It’s really time we start taking the rape and molestation of little boys as seriously as it is. There’s nothing cool or advanced about a 44-year-old woman raping a 13-year-old boy. And it’s time we teach young boys to see this type of abuse as just that.

It is these type of attitudes that lead men like Ja Rule and Chris Brown to say they “lost their virginities” at 11 and 8-years-old respectively. As painful as it might be to admit or acknowledge that, they were raped and preyed upon by older women who were mentally unwell.

Then there’s the issue of Goodman using her daughter’s boyfriend as her victim. There is something absolutely diabolical about that betrayal. And it’s two fold. Not only did Goodman sleep with the young girl’s boyfriend, betraying her trust and ensuring that she will be ridiculed for her mother’s behavior, she also left her daughter without a mother as she is sure to serve plenty of time in jail.

Lastly, a part of me wonders how her friend received that text message she sent to her. Did she send it before she raped this little boy or was it a way for her to brag about it afterward? Furthermore, what was her friend’s response? Did she tell her to leave the little boy alone, call the authorities, dismiss it or, in the worst case scenario, did she participate or condone that type of behavior?

All in all, this is a tragic situation, with no winners.

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