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Doing the big chop is an emotional step for many women, and an unsupportive partner is the last thing we need during such a sensitive time. But what happens when the man in your life hates your new cut so much that it’s causing problems in the bedroom?

A 25-year-old man recently sought advice on from fellow Reddit users after his fiancée came home with a “boyish” haircut that he’s not feeling. While he admits that he still finds her to be beautiful and has zero intentions of leaving her, he’s having trouble “getting it up” since the cut.

I don’t like it…at all…

It’s a very boyish look, and makes her very androgynous—a look I’ve never been attracted to even slightly. Not for girls, and not for guys (I’m bi).

Apparently, the poster knew that his lady would be cutting her locs—and he tried his best to put on a brave face—but he couldn’t hide his feelings when the moment finally arrived.

She came home, and I planned on being supportive, but I failed to hide my initial lack of excitement. It didn’t help that our daughter kept telling her she looks like her sister–who also just chopped her hair off–and neither of us thought it worked for her.

As you can guess, he’s a fan of longer styles.

I love long hair. I love the femininity of it. I can even do medium length hair. But short hair is just not something that has ever drawn me in. You could place the most irresistible woman in the world in front of me begging me to take her…and if you threw a short haircut on her, all my sexual drive would be gone.

As previously stated, he’s planning to stick things out with his love, but he’s not sure what their sex life is going to be like until her hair grows back.

I still find her beautiful, but with this look I just don’t feel sexually attracted to her.
I know it’s just hair, I know it’s superficial, and I have no plans on leaving her. But how the f-ck do I avoid giving her a punch in the self-esteem for 6 months if I can’t even get it up?

Touchy subject. Noirettes, please weigh in.

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