Was CNN Trying To Silence Shaun King In Defense Of Don Lemon?

November 5, 2015  |  


You may remember, back in August, Black Lives Matter activist, Shaun King was in the middle of what many were reporting as a scandal. Right-winged site Breitbart reported that they had obtained a birth certificate listing both his mother and father as White. It was everywhere, including CNN.

Naturally, since it was a “Black” news story, they tapped their favorite controversial anchor Don Lemon to tell the story. And, to the shock of no one, he handled it rather terribly. His coverage did very little to hide the fact that Lemon seemed to believe King was lying about his racial background. He noted that even though King said he was biracial, there was the issue of his birth certificate and even an anonymous family member said both of his parents are White.

Once King told the full story about his parentage, including his mother’s affair with a Black man, all the doubters and naysayers quieted down.

But King has not forgotten how he felt with his heritage and motives being questioned.

Earlier this week, the network wanted to discuss the death Illinois police officer, Charles Gliniewicz. Initially, media outlets reported that Gliniewicz was killed during a foot chase. And people immediately sought to blame the Black Lives Matter movement as the reason for his death, saying the group promotes an antipolice sentimentality.

Later, NBC News reported that Gliniewicz committed suicide.

He did so because he had embezzled from a youth program for years and set out to kill himself once investors began investigating his crimes.

So when CNN reached out to King, to speak about Gliniewicz, he was not here for it.

CNN must have been embarrassed by his rejection because, within hours, they told King to remove the posts or his accounts would be frozen. He deleted the posts but his accounts were locked anyway. And he tweeted about that.

I don’t know if attempting to put CNN on blast, publicly, was the best solution; but at the end of the day, King is certainly entitled to his feelings about the network and specifically Don Lemon who spoke both insensitively and ignorantly regarding King’s racial background.

Surely, by now, CNN realizes that many Black people are tired of Don Lemon’s White-folk appeasing shenanigans. I don’t know why King, who has a very personal and valid reason to be offended, was targeted.

Furthermore, I don’t know how a media company went about blocking social media pages. It’s scary to think that not only do they have this much power but are using said power in such a frivolous and petty way.

Either way, I’m glad King is not one to roll over and keep his mouth shut. Perhaps I’m being too deep or looking for a conspiracy where there is none but why does it seem that the media is so hellbent on silencing Shaun King?

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