Don’t Throw It In The Bag: 10 Impulse Shopping No-Nos

November 5, 2015  |  

Impulse shopping, it’s something we’re all guilty of. Who hasn’t run into Target for toilet paper only to come out $100 later with a bunch of random items we had no intention of purchasing? Everyone loves a good deal and we’ve all gotten sucked into the ‘Buy one get one free or 50 percent off’ sign while we wait in line. But just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s a good buy. Here we break down what you need to skip when you see it for cheap…because cheap doesn’t necessarily mean affordable if you have to constantly replace it.

Cheap flats: One word – blisters. Sure they’re A-DORABLE and they’re under $15 to boot but let’s stop and think about why for just a minute shall we? Band-Aid covered ankles just aren’t cute and truth be told you’re ruining your feet for more swoon worthy south of the ankle awesomeness in the future. Of course, she’d get called out if she didn’t and she is the First Lady, after all, but Michelle Obama always wears great flats.


Cheap jewelry: We all love to score cute trendy pieces for less but the overall cost is more expensive in the long run. We end up needing to replace it as a stone falls out, backs break or worse; it irritates our skin. Save yourself a slathering of anti-itch cream and invest in some quality pieces that go with everything. Just because its costume doesn’t mean it has to be cheap.


Sunglasses: Totally guilty of this myself because who doesn’t love options!? In reality it’s a total waste of money and highly embarrassing when the lens falls out or you lose a screw and are forced to tape them together for the remainder of the day. They don’t have to be hundreds of dollars but quality over quantity friends. Truthfully you only need one or two quality pair in a classic face framing shape and hue rather than 15 ‘trendy’ pair.


Makeup brushes: There is no reason to buy cheap makeup brushes. There are perfectly good sets out there that aren’t overpriced and won’t leave you with random “natural” brush hairs in your good blush! The proper tools take makeup application to a whole new level so it’s worth it to spend the money now rather than having to keep getting replacements as the top falls off.


Purses: In the same vein as cheap jewelry cheap purses have got to go. It’s better to have one or two quality pieces that stand the test of time rather than 20 that have strings hanging because “OMG they were so cute and 2 for $20!” Halle Berry loves a great, big bag…see how it amps up her outfit?!


Nail Polish: Can a girl have too much nail polish? That is a conundrum of polish addicts everywhere but the truth is, you can have too much cheap polish. I know it’s tempting to stock up on the $1 polish but when it chips off in two days, becomes runny and the color fades we end up paying the price in the long run.


Hair tools: We all love an inexpensive curling iron/ flat iron and blow dryer. What we don’t love is replacing it after a few months due to hinges popping out and heat protectors cracking. Buy the best and you’ll only cry once.


Makeup from Fast Fashion Stores (i.e. Forever21 / H&M / Urban Outfitters): If you value your skin just say no. Although they do package it and style it in a way that is sure to entice you (and right next to the register too!) beware. The odds of you actually using cupcake scented hair / body spray, overly glittery eye shadow or creatively shaped soap is slim to none.

Bras: The appeal of an inexpensive bra is quite alluring for sure. They come in a range of fun colors and prints and you can afford that AND your weekly coffee fix, but it does come with a cost. If the underwire keeps popping out after the third wear and poking not only you but a hole in your favorite top it’s a sign to invest in something a little more. This is one example of quality over quantity reigns supreme.

Ridiculous Graphic Tees: We get it, graphic tees are fun and awesome and sometimes just so cheeky we can’t stand it. But after a certain age the “BOSSY” and “I Don’t Have Time to Care” tops are downright juvenile. Leave those for the under-20 set and keep it classy with a simple phrase or classic rap or rock version, like Alicia Keys (above).

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