15 Relationship Memes That Give The Worst Advice

November 6, 2015  |  
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The Internet allows anyone with Wi-Fi to speak their mind on a variety of issues. No matter what the person’s actual background is on the topic, many popular social media users become experts and give “advice” on child-rearing, religion and even relationships at the drop of a dime.  Rules on relationships are published on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter constantly, and in my opinion, the information shared is usually quite toxic. To save you the time and anxiety that often comes from reading this advice, we’ve chosen 15 of the worst relationship advice memes that you should avoid like the plague.


Even if you didn’t arch your back like this in bed, we all know that an unfaithful man will do what he does best: not be loyal.

This type of man definitely has some personal issues to work out. Do not pass go or collect $200.


And just because he wears Gucci slippers doesn’t mean you won’t get “burned” either. (And who is to say that they’re not fake…?)

In many cases, you don’t even have to make it to the bedroom to figure out who is and who isn’t serious.


Blame it on the a-a-alcohol? Nope! Blame it on the i-i-insecurity.

Or he could have erectile dysfunction.

If these are the best gifts to give a man, here is the best gift to give a woman: Turn that cherry out on a sunny day on an all-you-can-eat yacht. No pun intended!


Ha! Don’t be petty.


Step away from the phone…all phones.

If you have to beg for it, let it go.

It’s never that deep! At least, I hope it’s not…

Fellas, don’t believe the lies. It can remain at zero or go to 100 real quick, either way, Tyrone is coming to help you pack.

Don’t you be “free” for them to come sniffing around again.

Everyone lies. #Staywoke

Well, this meme might actually be on to something…nope! Nevermind. My guess is that she’s too busy in the bathroom. She’ll call in the morning…

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