Hormones Ruining Your Diet? Foods To Help You Put An End To Binge Eating

October 27, 2015  |  
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Sometimes the key to battling binge eating is about what you eat. When you just can’t seem to keep the munchies at bay, try these famous appetite-suppressing foods.


Eat one as soon as you feel cravings coming on and then wait a half hour. The fiber and water in this fruit will make you feel full enough to stop reaching for the snacks.


There’s a reason Kerry Washington swears by this snack. Air-popped popcorn only has about 30 calories a cup — and it’s packed full of the fiber you need to keep feeling full without packing on the pounds.


Being stalked by the all-day munchies? Add slices of avocado to your next meal. Women who reach for it are much less likely to crave a snack hours later.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A lot of hunger cravings can be traced to a sudden drop in blood sugar — especially if you’ve had carbs earlier in the day.

But just a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar balances blood sugar out to stop the munchies in their tracks within minutes.

Whatever You Were Craving

Sometimes hormones just want what they want. Try substituting a baked chicken breast for that Snickers bar you’ve been craving. When you suppress cravings for certain foods, you could end up eating more, in the long run,  just to feel satisfied (and maybe end up having that Snickers anyway).

Instead, try this trick: Eat a snack-sized portion of your favorite cheat food first, followed by a protein-rich, low-calorie meal. You’ll satisfy your cravings without sacrificing too many calories.


Know you’re going to finish that whole plate of fries just because it’s in front of you? Cover it with enough salt to make it unpalatable. You’ll stop reaching for “just one more” and your stomach will have time to realize it’s full.

Cayenne Pepper

The spicy stuff suppresses your appetite enough to keep you from reaching for snacks all day. Plus, it increases your metabolism to help you burn as much as 60 extra calories a meal!

Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans

For two reasons: it’s impossible to eat too many, and that chocolate craving wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. Plus, caffeine is one of nature’s best appetite suppressants (and an excellent way to battle period fatigue).

Coconut Oil

Another life-changing use for coconut oil? Yes. It’s better than all other oils when it comes to suppressing your appetite. Spread a few teaspoons on your morning toast (trust us, it’s to die for) and you’ll eat less all day.


Sometimes you’ve just got to munch out, and on those days, salad is the way to go. Pile on fiber-rich greens like spinach or kale, and then add a variety of raw vegetables and an oil and vinegar dressing.


Stress eating? Have a banana. It’s full of vitamin B6 that encourages the brain to produce the serotonin you need to step back from all-day snacking.

Dark Chocolate

We’re talking at least 70 percent cocoa. The bitter taste will suppress your appetite, keep you from overindulging and address that need for a sweet you’ve been craving all day.

Canned Tuna

It’s just bland enough (add mustard for low-calorie flavor) to take the edge off of your cravings without inspiring you to overindulge. And its high-protein content means it will keep you feeling full until it’s time for your next meal.


It’s not technically food, but water is too important to leave out. Have at least eight glasses a day, and one before you grab any snack. Not only will it keep you full, but it will also stop you from mistaking thirst for hunger.

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