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No man is perfect. But if you complain about the following things in your relationship, your partner might not be that bad after all. Check out these petty relationship complaints that are signs that you might just have a good man on your hands.

He Wants Me To Take My Scarf Off

Guys are visual creatures, and a good man tells you when he has needs that he wants you to fulfill.

Wear something sexy (but cotton) “before bed” and we bet he won’t mind if the protective hair wear goes on afterward.

He Won’t Let Me Leave The House In This

It’s kind of hypocritical that he met you dressing one way and now he wants you to change. It’s also a sign that he sees you as his and doesn’t want to share the view with the world. And that’s definitely a “good guy” move.

He Let Me Leave The House Looking Like This

You had no idea you looked quite so…interesting. But he did — and he didn’t care. That’s because he cares less about what you look like and more about you (even in that scarf).

He’s Always Working

You want more time together now, but you’ll be grateful for his ambition later. There’s nothing wrong with maximizing the time you do have together.

He’s Making Me Fat

All of that Netflix and chilling and ordering in is a sign that you two are getting good and comfortable. Although it probably wouldn’t hurt to add a little gym time to your couple’s routine.

Our Relationship Is No Romantic Comedy

The good news? No one’s is. The better news? This one is an easy fix. Sit him down with your favorite flick and point out the romantic moves that you think are really “hot.” Hint, hint.

He’s Boring

You’re only saying that because you’re forgetting about all of the “excitement” your on-again, off-again ex brought into your life (a.k.a., drama). Try adding some real fun to other aspects of your life and relationship, and you might stop looking for drama instead.

He’s Always Bringing Up Old Ish

It might be harder to win an argument once he knows all of your dirt, but he’s so clued in because he’s actually listening when you open up.

He’s Always Trying To Fix My Problems

Men like to be problem solvers. But you have to tell them that sometimes women just want to vent. Let him know that you will ask if you really need to know what to do about Debbie from accounting who won’t stop giving you the side-eye.

Lord, He’s Breaking All My Stuff

Pictures are falling off the walls, the garage door is stuck and the doorbell sounds worse than it used to. But he’s trying to play Mr. Fix-It because he wants to build a life with you. Appreciate the love–and call a maintenance man while he’s at work.

He Won’t Try That One Thing In Bed

More often than not, it’s because he respects you too much. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take baby steps to spice things up.

He Doesn’t Care If We Don’t Hang Out

Giving you “me time” and vice versa isn’t always a sign that he’s not interested in you anymore. He might just be secure enough in himself and his relationship to allow the both of you to have a little healthy space from time to time.

He’s In All of My Friends’ Business

When a man loves you, he loves what you love and that includes your friends. There’s nothing wrong with a little couple’s gossip — as long as he’s good at keeping secrets.

He Leaves His Wet Towel On The Floor

If little things like this are your biggest problems, you’re probably doing OK.

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