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Have you ever had a liberal, White friend who you thought was cool until they made one racially insensitive or down right hurtful joke and you had to reevaluate your whole relationship? I know I have. And right about now, I wonder if Nicki Minaj is feeling that same way about her girl Ellen.

In all fairness, Nicki and Ellen might not exactly be friends but they ware certainly friendly. Yet, that didn’t stop Ellen from making a particularly unfunny and distasteful joke about Nicki Minaj’s upcoming family show.

You may remember that we reported that Minaj was getting to produce a new series based on her childhood as a Trinidadian immigrant.

And while it certainly seemed like a good look for her, a way to expand her brand and make moves as a business woman, Ellen isn’t taking it too seriously.

In a recent skit for her daytime show, Ellen pretended to offer a sneak preview of the upcoming show.

In it, we see a little girl with a huge behind bound down the stairs to speak to her mother with a huge behind. Her father is also blessed in the back. And then for kicks and giggles, even the dog has a protruding posterior.

If you can’t tell from my description, the skit wasn’t very funny…like at all. It was lazy. Making fun of Black people with big behinds is not only trite, it has roots in some very painful history. It seems like Black women’s websites are always referencing Sarah Baartman and it’s skits like these that prove we still need to be saying her name.

Someone likened the skit to a minstrel show and I see no lies.

While Nicki Minaj proudly displays and even draws attention to her derriere, it is not all there is to her. And a prosthetic behind on a little Black girl, a child, for public viewing and entertainment is just not ok.

There are those who don’t see a problem with the skit because of Nicki’s own brand but I shudder to think what the response would have been if a Jewish girl’s family was lampooned because of their large noses. Caricatures and depictions, particularly when they’re being crafted by non-Black people, are vitally important as they can do a lot of social and psychological damage.

In thinking about the skit throughout just this day, it would have far more hilarious if the little girl portraying Nicki Minaj had displayed several alter egos like the rapper does in her verses. A young “Roman” would have been quite funny and I would have loved to see how her parents would have handled that one. Instead, we got to see exaggerated depictions of the Black body that Nicki Minaj has been so crudely reduced to.

I’m just not laughing.

If you haven’t seen the skit in its entirety, check it out here.


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