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June 29, 2011  |  
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It’s not officially summer until you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy some good fun in the sun music.  If you’re lucky enough, many of you will find yourselves literally in that summer sun inches away from some of your favorite musical artists hearing some great live music.  Maybe you’ll find yourself traveling to Toronto to see Drake’s OVO Fest in July or maybe you’ll catch Beyoncé at Good Morning America’s Summer Concert series on July 1.  Either way, it means a day of great music and possibly minor battles with the elements unless you’re prepared.  If you want your best memories to be of the performances and not of your frustration, you might want to take along a few of the items below:

1. Fedora or Floppy Hat

As much as I love the sun, I wouldn’t want to spend all day underneath it while it directly beams on my head.  An outdoor venue means lots of time spent in the sunlight on a summer day.  Heat +lots of loud music = basically begging for a migraine.  Lucky for you, straw fedoras and floppy hats are in style.

2. Flat Shoes

“Standing Room Only” usually means just that.  Even with indoor venues with seating I never understood why many woman wear the highest stilettos they can to a concert.  Then, instead of having fun and enjoying themselves, they sit down with their noses turned up like they’re too Hot to put their hands in the air. Maybe they have high hopes of groupie love, but either way the “My-Feet-Hurt Shuffle” is not a good look.  You’ll probably want to opt for flats since you’ll spend a lot of time up on your feet.  You might want to leave the flip-flops at home since there will be a higher risk that you’ll suffer a toe injury with the crowds.  I’m all for a nice cowboy boot with short shorts this summer, but sandals or a fun sneaker are just as comfortable.

3. Light Clothing

Choose breathable fabrics in dark colors if you can.  Darker colors will hide any embarrassing sweat stains and lighter fabrics like cotton and linen will aid in keeping the perspiration to a minimum.  Maxi dresses are a cool and comfortable way to look Hot and laid back.  Avoid rompers, leotards or anything that will make going to the bathroom a science since you may be limited to port-o-potties or good old grass.  If the weather’s a bit cooler, jeans and a Hot T-shirt (preferably with the performer’s name if you’re a fan) will suffice.  Dressing in layers will help in case the weather turns cooler after the sun goes down.

4. Gel Deodorant

If you’re liking what you see and hear, you’ll be throwing your hands up…a lot.  Make sure you’re showing your pits at their best by keeping them shaved and clean.  Choose a gel or clear stick deodorant so it doesn’t look like you’ve had a powdered donut in a headlock.  If possible, pack a travel size deodorant so that you can touch up if you’re having a little too much fun.

5. A Small Purse

You’ll want to bring the essentials: cash, a minimum of one credit card, keys, a small makeup stash, etc.  Many vendors at concerts only accept cash so make sure to hit up the ATM prior to heading out.  I like to bring one credit card at all times for emergencies, but don’t pack your whole financial history to be on the safe side from pick pockets and purse snatchers.  The last thing you want to do is lug around that black hole of a bucket bag of yours, so limit yourself to the most crucial items.

6. Heavy Makeup vs. Light Makeup

Heavy makeup photographs well, but will leave you looking like Stephen King’s It if it’s hot enough.  Light makeup doesn’t show up as well in pictures, but also doesn’t smear and melt as easily.  Try to find a balance between the two making sure to moisturize and use some kind of primer.  Primer will give your makeup staying power and help to keep it in place.  Avoid greasy lipsticks and go for glosses which can be touched up easily with a pocket mirror or no mirror at all.  The goal is to look polished but effortless.  Waterproof liners and mascara are your friends, but leave the glitter at home; the last thing you want is for it to drip into your eye leaving you blinded for half the night.

7. Hand Sanitizer

Concerts mean large crowds of people all with different ideas of proper hygiene. Making friends, shaking hands and sliding your fingers down over guard rails all mean that the germs will be having a shin dig of their own in the palm of your hand.  A small bottle of hand sanitizer won’t completely shut down their party, but it will rain on their parade.

8. Wear Cheaper Pieces

In between dancing, singing along at the top of your lungs and throwing your hands up, you’re bound to lose an earring or toss a bangle.  You may want to leave the Tiffany & Co. hoops at home.  When it comes to jewelry opt for cheaper pieces that won’t leave you heartbroken if lost.  As for clothes, they’re fair game at a concert.  Be prepared to leave with traces of other people’s sweat, tears and even blood if it’s intense enough.  A concert is no place for your Prada and Zac Posen, unless you’ve got it like that.

9. Sunglasses

They not only look cool, but they serve a purpose as well: keeping your corneas protected.  If you don’t want to spend the whole day squinting, invest in a pair.

10. Hydration

All that dancing and sweating are good ingredients for dehydration.  Bring along a bottle of water or Gatorade if you can to keep your body performing at its best so you can enjoy the performances on stage.

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