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By Sharisse Tracy Smith

Let me be clear: I can be lazy at times. And I wanted a breast lift. So when someone I knew recommended a doctor for breast augmentation surgery at a reduced price, my ears perked up. This is not to say I made a hasty decision. I decided at age 24, after my second child, that one day I would get a breast lift.
I’d always liked my breasts, and liked them even more during and after pregnancy, minus the milk. But even before it was cool to breast feed with my first batch of kids, I still did it, because I innately thought it was a good thing to do. In keeping it real though, I only breastfed for a few months cause mama had things to do. Plus, pumping hurt like a son-of-a-gun, and I had no problem using the WIC vouchers for which I qualified.
I was also very aware that the constant pulling, sucking and tugging by my children on the girls would take its toll on their perkiness, and natural gravity does a number to your lady parts over time. In my thirties I filled out a little, and so did my breasts. By the time I had my fourth child at 37, I’d reached a booming 40DD, which people who knew me from my earlier years would never believe unless they saw me.
“Look at Sharisse,” they would say. “Where’d she get those boobs from?”
The truth is, I loved my new breasts and didn’t mind the extra weight that came along with them. In my head I was still the size I’d been most of my thirties ranging from a six to 10, so when I hit a size 12 to 14 after my last kid was born, all that registered was that I had a larger bust and I liked it.
When the weight started to disappear, the fullness of my breasts went too. I knew it was time to get my groove back, and by groove back I mean boobs. But all the surgery estimates I received were way out of my budget. As a matter of fact, there was no budget. So, I did what I assume most women do without a ta-ta fund, invest in the old Miracle Bra and keep it pushing. No pun intended. This worked for years until that fateful day when I met the affordable doctor behind door number one.
The first mistake I made was taking my mother along with me to my appointment. While having a second person there for medical appointments might be ideal, taking your mother along for a breast lift consultation is a no-no. Well, I guess this would depend on your mother.  Dr. Conservative convinced me that my already 36C cups were fine and just needed to be lifted a little. In his opinion, this was being done quite adequately with my bra. The addition of an implant might make me too large according to “physician no fun.” My mother agreed. These two were the wrong duo for my lady lumps, clearly. Although I didn’t go to his office for what he called the “stripper look,” in my mind, I thought what exactly is the stripper look, and what if I had come to his office for that? Had he ever birthed a child, two, four? Did this make me a bad mother because I wanted fuller, more lifted breasts?
Now, I don’t think anyone will accuse a pair of 36C’s as being too large but obviously if I told the man I missed my 40D’s, lifting me up a little with my bra wasn’t doing it for me. But I was out numbered, uneducated in breast augmentation procedures and at that time not comfortable enough with my own voice to scream, but this is what I want! I allowed myself to be convinced by the so-called breast authority and went along with what he thought was best for my body. Bad idea.
Weeks after my lift, and once my swelling went down, I was pissed about my results. I didn’t have the outcome I desired. I was out of my money, out of recovery time, and out of luck. A few years later after doing some real research, I discovered I could only obtain what I desired from a saline implant. Saline implants allow doctors to determine how large the breast will be. While my new doctor agreed that my smaller frame didn’t need that much of a lift, he disagreed that the result could be obtained without assistance. He and I worked together for the look I would be satisfied with. We developed a great relationship over a period of time where I felt respected and heard as his patient. I even joked with him right before going under the knife saying to him, “go big or go home.”  We both went into my surgery laughing as did the rest of the staff.
 To be truthful with you, since we are being so personal and honest, this doctor was slightly more conservative in the surgery than he was during our discussion. The difference was, after my swelling went down this time, I was and still am satisfied because I’d done my research, knew what to expect and trusted him. My doctor and I had enough conversations that he knew what I wanted but also experience to know what would ultimately look natural. The 40DD cups I’d fallen in love with during and post pregnancy were fine for the body I’d previously had, but my new frame no longer supported that size. My new challenge was learning to let that visual go.
Now, years later, I can truthfully say I’m exactly the size I’m supposed to be thanks to my doctor. And the only people that have a problem with my surgery now are my older sons, that ignore it all together, and my younger ones who may one day read this article. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter.
Have you had breast augmentation surgery or are you considering it? Let us know your story.
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