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I admit that having to pack up and leave my son and husband for business trips can be pretty brutal for me. I can clearly recall my first time leaving my son in order to head out to Los Angeles for an overnight business trip. I literally walked through the airport doors with tears in my eyes as I thought about how unfair it was that I had to leave my four-month-old baby at home for the first of many business trips to come.

Fast-forward to today, and I still am just as sad whenever it comes time to pack up and leave him, but I now have a system going that has allowed these trips to not be as painful as they once were. I also sing my praises to both my mother and husband who have both allowed me to be able to navigate this journey of being a working mom. They have been, and continue to be, my constant on-the-ground support system.

With that, here are my four tips for staying connected to my son when traveling.

It’s All In the Preparation
It definitely is all about the prep work when it comes to staying connected with your child. I always make sure that I have my son’s meals planned out and outfits selected prior to heading out. I’ve found that this has not only helped my husband, but it’s also helped me feel connected to what’s happening on the home front since I already know what my son is eating for lunch and dinner and what cute pajama set he’ll be rocking to bed.

I already liked the Apple brand pre-child, but I have totally come to adore the brand post-child for creating FaceTime! This tool has totally changed the game in terms of us working moms who have to travel on business. I can simply shoot my husband a text and let him know that I am getting ready to give them a call. This amazing creation has allowed me to still personally tell my son “good night” and “good morning” while I am away on business. Trust me, there have been plenty of bathroom runs during media dinners where I quickly FaceTime my family before sliding back into my chair during a private dinner without even missing a beat of the conversation at-hand. FaceTime = traveling mom lifesaver.

Choose Those Flight Times Wisely
Okay ladies, so not everyone may be able to take advantage of this tip, but for those mothers that tend to have a little travel flexibility, this is definitely one of my key tips. Whenever I travel, I make it a point to book my flights where I am departing at times that will allow me to tell my son goodbye and come back home when I am there to tuck him in. Trust me, there have been plenty of times where I’ve drifted into an airport with my eyes barely open, just so that I can make the first flight out in order to make it back home at an earlier hour. Geesh, the things we mommies do.

Shower Those Kiddies With Love
In between power packing for a trip the night before and wrapping up some last-minute logistics prior to a work trip, I always make it a point to spend as much quality time as possible with my son. Whether that means reading three bedtime stories rather than two, or playing a little longer with him before laying him down for bed, I really make it a point to shower my son with a little extra love. Am I exhausted when I hit the bed that night? Absolutely! But I at least go to bed knowing that my son is always feeling the love and that his mommy has things under control.

Like I said, being a working mom who also travels never gets easier. But it can work and you can still feel connected while you are making it work.

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