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Millennials are known as the generation who creates their own rules rather than conforming to what’s traditionally acceptable. Whether choosing to have an indefinite honeymoon or opting to wear a bridal jumpsuit instead of a dress, millennial couples are focused on choosing what personally matters to them as they prepare to wed.

Case and point, some brides-to-be are choosing engagement necklaces, bracelets and even septum rings instead of the traditional diamond ring when their future husband pops the question. Even if their fiancé could afford an engagement  ring, some women shared in the Reddit thread, Would You (Or Have You) Accepted An Engagement With No Ring Or A Cheap Ring?why they were satisfied with their ring-less proposals. Reddit user Montereoyo revealed she and her now-spouse went ring shopping a few times but decided to take an engagement trip to France instead of purchasing a ring. Montereoyo also shared the engagement story of a food blogger who received a mountain bike rather than a diamond ring. Other users gave insight on why commitment exceeded the need to have the traditional jeweled accessory:

“MrAnthropic proposed without a ring, and we didn’t buy rings until our 5th anniversary. They were inexpensive rings, and we kept those until our 10th anniversary when we were finally comfortable enough with splurging. No regrets.” –MsAnthropic

“My wife went down on her knee, took my hand, and asked me to be her partner, her helpmate, and her wife. It was the most romantic thing ever and totally spur of the moment. As a token of her affection, I received a necklace that was passed down from her grandmother (after we got home later that night). Diamond engagement and wedding rings are a 20th century push by the diamond companies, as a way to sell their product. For practicality’s sake, I’d much rather a simple band. If my wife felt like she had to get me a stone, I would go for tanzanite because I adore purple.”-TheGreatLabMonkey

“We didn’t go the whole engagement ring, or engagement, route. We were out for drinks and decided that we would elope. We decided where we were going to do it, booked our tickets, and went together and bought bands. His is plain and mine has small diamonds inlaid.”- Yalarual

Interestingly, many other women in the thread connected because they all received unlikely proposal symbols: engagement puppies. Others simply didn’t want to support the diamond trade and designed wedding bands with stones like opal or pearl. When I asked my best friend how she felt about ring-less engagements, she said it was another excuse for “negroes to not buy rings.” She also said women who accept ring-less engagements are complacent in their relationship. After asking around the office and extensively reading the Reddit thread, some couples had ring-less engagements because they didn’t plan to (mutually) propose to their significant other. Many disclosed their engagements  happened because they were in the moment with their partners while on vacation or cuddling on the couch. Although the women in the relationship received their engagement rings after the initial proposal, most people didn’t seem pressed to have their love story develop in a certain way (or purchase expensive rings) because the option to upgrade is always there.

Reddit user Spinzard placed sage advice in the thread in the midst of the  story-telling and controversial diamond ring debate, writing “I waited until my SO bought me a diamond ring. I just figured, there’s no rush and he was so excited to buy it. My only advice is: get excited about getting married that you forget about wanting a ring. If you want one, don’t trick yourself into thinking that you don’t just so you can get engaged. In 5 years, you might regret it. I just went with the traditional option because my SO is very traditional and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life explaining why I didn’t have a diamond. Also, I like diamonds. Be true to yourself, whatever you really want is what you should go with.”


Where do you stand? Let us know if you would go the ring-less, nose-septum or traditional diamond ring route in the comments.

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