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It’s no secret that the dating black hole also known as “Netflix and Chill” is single-handedly reaching into the tear ducts of grown women and falsely inflating egos of grown men all over the world. By definition, “Netflix and Chill” actually sounds like a fun, low-key date, where you and yours cuddle up on the couch and stream the latest documentary, comedy, thriller or rom-com. Now, “Netflix and Chill” has become a trending topic, meme and way of avoiding getting to know someone.

Streaming Service Takes Effortless Dating To New Levels With “Netflix And Chill” Button

While dating is a mix of going out, meeting people in each other’s lives and doing all kinds of activities, also embedded in there are those nights when you just want to hang out at your or their place. That night almost always comes with a movie. And we all know what comes with movies…curious hands, flirtatious glances and all of sudden, you’re tangled in limbs, sheets and heavy panting. Woops. The frustrating concept of “Netflix and Chill” now begs the question: Can we just watch a movie in the house anymore? And I don’t know where Sway is right now, but I demand answers!

While I don’t necessarily have those answers that I demand from Sway, I do have some suggestions on how to make sure your “Netflix and Chill” night is just that. Be strong, you can have a peaceful night at home, watching a movie with BAE without it being a hookup session.

1. Don’t wear this.

Sure, it’s your house, but you don’t need to lounge around in your undies or some sexy version of around-the-house clothes. You’re definitely going to be sending the wrong message.

2. Wear this.

Many of us don’t have an actual chastity belt, so because of that, make sure your mind is the chastity belt. You want this night to be about you, BAE and the movie, so don’t make it about your lady parts.

3. Then put this on top.

If you’re confused about what to wear on a date in your home, wear regular clothes, or something so unsexy, sex will not be on the menu. Unless, he’s the type that finds a onesie sexy and then you have more things to worry about.

4. Keep it on the couch.

Don’t you dare move that behind from the couch…unless it’s to get more popcorn.

5. Do not drink.

Let’s be honest, alcohol has this delicious way of clouding your judgment. Just refrain from liquid courage because nothing says, “My inhibitions are down” like sucking down cocktails.

6. Don’t let him recite poetry or Drake lyrics to you.

You don’t need anything adding to your weakness. He’s going to want to whisper in your ear–don’t let it happen, or your clothes are going to fall off!

7. Don’t choose a movie that will make you want to cuddle.

Take all rom-coms (he’s not going to want to see those anyway) off the menu. Also, avoid horror/thrillers because you don’t need any movie that’s going to make you scream and sink into the nook his body leaves open that you perfectly fit into.

8. Don’t cuddle. Resist it. Be strong!

That damn nook looks so comfy, but don’t you dare cozy up into it. The next thing you know, his hand will be on that area made up of your thigh and butt and we’re all weak when they rub us there.

9. Just say no.

When he leans over to nibble on your ear, you look at him and say, “No.” Don’t ever be afraid to say no when you don’t want it.

10. Just “Netflix and Chill!”

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the stigma many of us have attached to the three little words, “Netflix and Chill.” If you want to watch a movie with your BAE, let it be known that you actually want to watch a movie and if that’s an issue, then you know this person is only after one thing.

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