How Long Should Opposite Sex Siblings Share A Bedroom?

September 10, 2015  |  


Sharing a bedroom with a sibling is a joy for some brothers and sisters and a nightmare for others. Siblings share a bedroom for many reasons–maybe the house or apartment just doesn’t have enough bedrooms or it could be the parents or child’s preference.

But at what age should opposite sex siblings stop sharing a room?

Many experts recommend opposite sex siblings should have their own space right before puberty starts, if possible, but check out some of these pros and cons below and let us know what you think.

Pros of bedroom sharing
Your kids may fight occasionally and that’s normal but there are upsides to having siblings share a room. It may help them learn how to respect other people’s things and share. If the siblings are already best friends, it will just tighten their bond because their sibling is right there to talk when they are sad, happy, or afraid.

Cons of bedroom sharing
One con is definitely constant fighting and a difference of opinion about everything. They could fight about how the room should be decorated, how loud the other is playing their music or get annoyed if one constantly has friends visiting that they aren’t fond of. They could also get annoyed because of the lack of privacy, not enough closet or dresser space, and if one uses the others things without asking.

Teach them to be respectful roommates
If your kids have to share a room out of necessity or just chose to, there are things that you can implement to try to make it a peaceful experience. Every now and then have a roommate meeting with them where they create rules for the room. You could suggest that they take turns having privacy time once a day or a few times a week and the other one could stay in the living room or go to a friend’s house for a little while. They should also have rules about using each other’s things and tidiness. Also making sure each kid has a little corner all their own can help too. That could include a little reading area with a bean cushion seat or a dresser and a desk. And make sure that you let them know what the consequences are for constant bickering and for not abiding by the rules of the room.

No space
If they are approaching the age where they want separate rooms but you don’t have the space here are some things to try. If you have a basement maybe one of them could sleep down there on a pull out couch, futon or blowup bed for the time being. If you live in an apartment and have enough space in the living room, find out if one of them could sleep there in the night with a blowup bed and a room divider but keep their clothes and other large belongings in the room or they could take turns sleeping in the living room. That way, although they are still sharing a room, they get to have a more private sleeping arrangement.

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