“The Goal Is To Be Me”: Our Favorite Celebs Share Advice On Getting To Happy And Staying There

September 8, 2015  |  
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Self-care, wellness and relaxation tips are just what we all need in this hectic world we live in. Check out self-care tips from some of the busiest people out there: our favorite celebs. This advice will have you glowing from the inside out.


Oprah Winfrey

“Your real work is to figure out where your power base is. And to work on the alignment of your personality—your gifts that you have to give—with the real reason why you’re here. That’s the number one thing you have to do, is to work on yourself. Fill yourself up and keep your cup full.”

Taraji P. Henson

“When I have days off, I just don’t do anything. I stay home. I have things delivered, and I just chill.”


Keke Palmer

“I took a lot of time to realize and understand the concept of truly loving myself — literally treating yourself with care. That doesn’t mean just making sure people aren’t mean to you, or making sure you have good friends, but also physically loving your body and doing right by it. For me, it became motivation simply because it’s not so much about looking nice but more about feeling good. It feels good when I work out. It makes me have energy. When I’m eating well, I’m able to deal with things better. When I started realizing the benefits to my body, health-wise, that’s really what motivated me.”

Nicki Minaj

“I would be lying if I said that privacy isn’t important to me. I’ve always been like that. I give so much; I don’t curb myself in my music and I try my best to be straightforward when I do interviews…I’ve always prided myself on not talking about certain things, holding certain things dear to my heart and leaving them just for me.”


“You really have to save yourself because the critic within you will eat you up. It’s not the outside world, it’s your interior life, that critic within you that you have to silence. Find something to like about yourself and hold on to that. It’s a constant battle whether you are 16 or 50. As you age, you do really find that quietness inside and that being-comfortable-in-your-skin feeling.”


“The other day my friend and I were feeling crafty and we were like ‘let’s paint!’ so we went to Michael’s Craft Store, got some paint and canvases and we started painting. That’s so random, and I’ve never done that in my life, but it was so much fun.”


Naomi Campbell

“To relax sometimes, even when I get in at, like, midnight, I like to get a massage, because when you’re in heels all day it just throws your alignment out. I do that maybe two or three times a week.”

Tracee Ellis Ross

“My standard of perfection often paralyzes me, or makes me terrified, or makes me feel ashamed. Instead, if I can make space for the idea that the goal is not to be perfect, but the goal is to be me, then I get to revel in the mixed bag of what it is to be a human. Some moments are good, some are bad. Some days are good, some days are bad.”


Tika Sumpter

“I absolutely love the holidays! I love my family, I love my friends. I’m just glad to get a break from everything, really. I love everything from putting up the tree and the cooking for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s nice to be able to share the ups and downs from the year with family.”


Eva Marcille

“It is literally your job, your duty to create beauty within, because that’s what brings it outside. You may see me and go ‘Oh my God you’re beautiful,’ but no, I’m happy. I’m a very happy person and I’m at a very good place in my life.  So for starters, we have to work on ourselves from the inside out.”

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