15 Foods For Healthier Boobs

September 9, 2015  |  
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Can you eat your way to healthier boobs? Kind of! There are foods that reduce the chance of breast cancer, and fight cancer cells that already exist. Here are foods to eat for healthier breasts.





This seedy fruit contains something called ellagic acid, which can fight hormone-dependent forms of breast cancer.


Broccoli contains a compound that potentially reduces breast cancer stem cells. To get the full benefits, have it raw or steamed as cooking it can kill off the compound.





You probably have a friend with a plum tree who is itching to give bags away of this purple fruit in the summer. Take her up on it! Freeze the extra fruit for the winter. Plums have high levels of antioxidants believed to fight breast cancer.




Naturally a fruit that looks like part of the female anatomy can help us ladies out. Peaches contain antioxidants that might kill breast cancer cells.





Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the more fiber a woman eats, the less likely she is to develop breast cancer. Aim for ½ to one full cup of beans per day.





If beans make you too gassy or you’re just not into them, lentils are also packed with cancer-fighting fiber.








Parsley is a great, almost zero-calorie way to add flavor to your food. It also can reduce your chances of developing cancerous tumors.






Research published in Nutrition and Cancer suggests this anti-inflammatory nut may stunt the growth of breast cancer. Aim for about 370 calories worth of the nut per day.



Olive oil

Make olive oil-based salad dressings (as opposed to cream-based ones) and you’ll not only cut calories, but also reduce your chances of breast cancer. The oleic acid in the oil is said to hinder the growth of malignant cells.



The omega-3 fats in salmon are anti-inflammatory and may reduce the risk of the most common form of breast cancer.







Sardines and tuna

If salmon isn’t your thing, most oily fish will do. Make a sardine sandwich or tuna salad for lunch and you’ll get the cancer-fighting omega-3’s too.





There are plenty of conflicting studies on coffee, but one suggests that 24 ounces of the stuff a day can reduce your chances of developing one of the most threatening forms of breast cancer cells.



Sweet potatoes

Research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that eating carotenoid-rich produce can greatly reduce one’s risk of developing breast cancer. Carrots and squash will do the trick, too.


The International Journal of Cancer reported that women who regularly eat mushrooms might have as much as 2/3rds less a risk of developing breast cancer. The link between the food and the benefit is still being looked into.

Green tea

Studies have found that women who regularly drink green tea have less urinary estrogen—a carcinogen that encourages the growth of breast cancer cells.


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