Reasons To Leave A First Date Within The First 10 Minutes

September 4, 2015  |  
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What would a guy have to do to make you run out on him? We have more than a few reasons to leave a first date within the first 10 minutes.





He tells you not to order anything pricey

You weren’t going to anyways—you’re polite. But he has a lot of balls to go out of his way to tell you not to order something pricey. He should’ve checked how expensive the restaurant was before choosing it!

He shows up wasted

If you can tell that he’s drunk, he too drunk. And that means he either doesn’t know how to stop partying for even an hour, or he is dealing with major self-confidence issues. Either way he’s not ready to date!

He tells you you need to hurry

He says, “Can you eat fast please? I have somewhere else to be. Another date, actually.”






He has a weapon

Politics aside, no matter how you or he feels about people owning weapons, he shouldn’t bring one on a date.




He’s rude to the server

If your date calls your server an idiot or is blatantly rude to him/her within the first 10 minutes, that tells you a lot about his patience level: zero.






He says, “You’re wearing that here?”

It’s like that scene in As Good As It Gets where Jack Nicholson tells Helen Hunt she’s wearing a “house dress” to a nice restaurant. Nuh-uh.

He’s on the phone

If it’s an emergency phone call, that’s one thing. But if he’s making you wait while he catches up with a buddy, and he hasn’t even said hi to you yet…forget it.




He’s not who he said he was

There is just no excuse for cat fishing!





He tells you that you don’t look like your picture

And that you’re heavier/older/not as cute as you were in your photo.


He asks if you’re DTF

I don’t know dude…Are you a high school student? Did you mature past the age of 17? Oh, you didn’t? Didn’t think so!



He shows up with his partner

And they’re looking for a threesome type of thing. Or to bring you to a swingers party. False advertising!



He is on Tinder

In front of you, he is swiping left and right.





He goes to the bathroom to do drugs

If your date leaves to “go to the bathroom” and comes back totally high, wreaking of pot or covered in white powder, get outta there!


He takes a photo of you for his mom

“I just need to show mommy dearest who my new wife might be.” Cue the slasher music.




He only orders for himself

He orders himself a drink, says, “That’s all thank you” and sends the server on her way. Um…excuse me?

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