Serious Question: Would You Accept This 90-Day Rule From A Man?

September 4, 2015  |  

Steve Harvey’s controversial contribution to the self-help literary world, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, was released in 2009 but the way men still haven’t come to terms with the concept of waiting to get some booty, you’d think the book came out yesterday. I’m sure you’re all familiar with Steve’s rule encouraging women to put all potential suitors on a 90-day probation period before giving it up — and the general consensus among men in response to this idea: dafuq? Now it seems some fellas want to flip the script and instill a 90-day rule of their own.

I came across the question above on Instagram which required a little bit of thought — and patience to get past the use of “females” — but I digress. While, typically, women’s biggest gripe when on the dating scene is men want to do too much too soon (sexually speaking), men’s biggest complaint is women expect them to spend too much too soon. Hence this idea of a 90-day waiting period for a man to see if he’s really into a woman before dropping a dime on her. Not bad in theory, if you’re an even the scales kind of guy, but is it really practical?

I posed this question to the office and received this hilarious response: “We can go on a date without having sex; we can’t go on a date without spending money. “While, depending on your city, there are concerts, festivals, and other similar outings two people testing one another out romantically can hang out at together at no cost, that statement is completely true. Even at the freest of events, somebody is going to need a snack at some point or at least a bottle of water. Sorry bruh, monies will be spent. And, right or wrong, knowing my gender, if the man doesn’t at least offer to pay for that hot dog or overly priced beverage an attitude will be had and sex will not.

When it comes down to it, I’m of the mind that men like sex way too much to delay themselves getting any by imposing a 90-day ban on wining, dining, and wooing a woman, when most times their general approach to dating is to whittle that three-month timetable down to three dates. That’s not to say women, by and large, choose to sleep with a man based on how much cash he spends, but it’s a universal understanding that “Netflix and chill” does not a good impression make. And unless men get real fiscally creative when it comes to understanding the inherent romantic privilege women have — we must be pursued properly — this 90-day rule attempt on their part will likely backfire and no one will be getting any.

What do you say? Would you be down for this 90-day rule from men?

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