For The Awkward, Not-So-Social-Butterfly: Why “Here” By Alessia Cara Is My New Anthem

September 8, 2015  |  

Have you ever noticed that most groups of people have a theme song? There’s “I’m Every Woman” for the ladies and “F*ck tha Police” for the anti-policemen crowd. Even dogs have “Who Let The Dogs Out?” Yes, every group is accounted for musically.

Except the “socially awkward” folks.

Who came up with the term “socially awkward” anyway? Who gave that person the authority? It’s basically saying that those of us who don’t blend in with the “accepted” crowd are abnormal while every other human being is deemed Grade A. Not cool. But that’s okay because the “socially awkward”  introverted crew, the wallflowers, or what I like to call the socially-not-here-for-it-after-years-of-being-shaded folks, finally have a theme song of our own.

Socially Not Here For It finds herself tucked away in a corner. She doesn’t want to seem uninterested, antisocial, pessimistic, or standoffish, but she wonders “Why am I here?” However, she totally gets it. She isn’t knocking the Grade A idea of fun. It’s just not her cup of tea. She’d rather be chilling at home alone or listening to music that actually has a message, discussing plans for the future with her real friends. Instead, she’s in a room full of people who couldn’t care less about her well-being, and it’s uncomfortable. It eventually becomes too much for Socially Not Here For It, and she resorts to going outside to wait for her friends in the car.

Story of my life.

Born Alessia Caracciolo, the Canadian musician has been a popular fixture on YouTube for years. Her talent and followers would eventually get her signed to Def Jam Records, and her acoustic R&B is a rich, melodious sound. Her voice is not only pleasing to the ear but stimulates deep thoughts. Pure. Heartfelt. Meaningful music. “Here” magically popped up on my iTunes R&B station as I was putting on my makeup and mentally preparing myself to be social for a party I was dreading the idea of attending. After hearing it, I immediately downloaded the track and haven’t stopped listening to it yet. Finally, a song that liberates my innermost thoughts! It’s nice to know that I’m not alone. So here’s to all my not-so-social butterflies who believe love can’t be found bent over in front of an aroused stranger. The ones who know that there’s more to life than chasing a high or staring down the bottom of your umpteenth red solo cup of jungle juice.

This song is for you.

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