How To Do Friends With Benefits Right: Qualities To Look For In Your Next HomieLoverFriend

September 17, 2015  |  
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When two people become friends with benefits, they know that their relationship isn’t something that is supposed to become a happily-ever-after situation. However, just because it’s not a serious, monogamous relationship doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful when it comes to choosing who you have “fun” with. Be sure to screen for the following qualities when looking for that special friend and everyone will have a lot more fun.

Great, But Not Amazing Sex

Why is good sex better than great sex? Because an amazing sex partner is hard to let go of — even when he’s bad for you. Emotional ties could form.

Someone Who Can Keep It On The Hush

Friends with benefits don’t have to keep one another a secret, but no one wants their extracurricular activities put on front street. Remember, if he gossips about other women, your business will be on his lips next.

No Mutual Friends (Or Co-Workers)

If you’re not sure he can keep quiet, make sure that the guy you have “benefits” with doesn’t run in the same circles as you.

Live In Close Proximity

Gas isn’t cheap, but arguing about who’s going to drive across town for a booty call can leave you feeling some type of way.

No Messy Exes

Otherwise, it isn’t just friends with benefits, it’s a recipe for hurt feelings, regret and drama.

No Roommates

No walk of shame. No roommates having to get up to buzz you in at 3 a.m. It’s just better that way.

An Actual Friendship

That way, you can get back to Netflix after the “chill” part.

Just The Right Amount Of Sexy

He’s hot, but not so hot that you end up catching feelings on accident.

He’s Taken An STD Test Recently

Because nothing sets the mood right like knowing that you’re both safe.

Sexual Compatibility

Just because there’s no romantic chemistry doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any chemistry at all. Friends with benefits work better when sparks fly.

Matching Schedules

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but having to reschedule all the time can take the fun out of an affair really fast.

Not Clingy

If you’ve figured out that he has more feelings for you than he’s letting on, it might be time to move on.


A relationship or not, you should never sleep with someone you can’t trust. Plus, when your “relationship” has run its course, honesty is going to be really important.

An Appreciation For Birth Control

Real life isn’t a romantic comedy. The transition from homieloverfriend to baby daddy is a rough one. Wrap it up.

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