How To Banish The Bulge Overnight: Everyday Habits That Are Making You Bloated

September 3, 2015  |  
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Is a bloated belly threatening to ruin your weekend outfit? Cut out these everyday habits and you can banish belly bulge in no time flat.

Chewing Excessive Amounts Of Gum

When you chew gum all day you swallow tons of tiny gulps of air that can bloat your belly. Plus, gum contains “sugar alcohols” that cause gas and bloating too.

Chewing Your Pen Cap

Or your straw. Any kind of nervous chewing leads you to swallow the air that bloats your belly.

Eating Really Fast

Do you scarf down your breakfast while standing over the counter right before you run out the door? It might save time, but it’s not great for your waistline. When you don’t spend enough time chewing your food, your stomach produces extra gas trying to digest the partially-chewed snack.

Drinking Through A Straw

Along with your liquid of choice, straws draw air that can end up in your belly. Start drinking via a cup or straight from the container to keep your stomach flat.


If you wake up feeling bloated, it may be because your nightly snoring is drawing air into your stomach. You may need to make an appointment with a sleep doctor to help banish the a.m. bulge.

Lots Of Fiber In Your Diet

Suddenly increased the amount of fiber in your diet? It’s great for heart health, but not so good for gas and bloating. The compromise? Reduce your fiber intake day by day until your belly flattens out. Then slowly increase your fiber intake over a matter of weeks to give your body time to adjust.


Does your bloating coincide with a rough day at work? Stress hormones might be the culprit. They aggravate your digestive system as well as your mood.


Spanx, control-top pantyhose, a tight pair of jeggings: when they press your belly fat in, they get in the way of digestion. Of course, that can lead to bloating. Only wear tight clothing for a few hours at a time, and always take them off before a big meal.

Snacking On Sugar-Free Foods

Your stomach can’t digest artificial sweeteners, but it will try. And sometimes the effort can lead to bloating. Try cutting diet foods out of your regimen temporarily to see if those artificial ingredients might be the cause.

Eating Fruit

Some people have trouble digesting too much fructose (fructose malabsorption), the sugar found in fruit. Cutting back on your morning smoothies may be the key to keeping your belly flat.


It sounds backward, but drinking more water is the way to make your stomach flatter. When your body is short on fluids, it actually retains water to stay hydrated. Drink water regularly throughout the day and your belly will soon return to normal.

Eating Salty Foods

Eat something particularly salty and you’ll bloat right up. How to fight back? Eat a banana. Foods high in potassium encourage your body to release the fluid that the sodium made it soak up.

Drinking Soda

Plan on wearing a form-fitting dress this evening? Cut out the soda ASAP. All of that carbonation can get trapped in your belly. Instead, try peppermint ice tea, which can help you battle the bloat.

Still Feeling Bloated?

It might be time to see a doctor to make sure there are no medical problems behind your bloating. While you wait for your appointment, keep a journal of your meals, bloating times and other symptoms to help the doctor make a diagnosis.

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