#SquadGoals: 10 Celebrity BFF Commandments We Should All Believe In

September 1, 2015  |  
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Go best friend, that’s my best friend!

The Internet has made it so easy for us all to get slices of people lives. Whether that be in 10 second Snapchat clips or snapshots on Instagram, we’re constantly scrolling through other people’s existences.

Because of this new type of voyeurism, we get to see how people navigate relationships; and honestly, it’s been one of my biggest obsessions. I mean, where else can you go and see “Empire’s” Jussie Smollett mopping his co-star and BFF Gabourey Sidibe’s floors, shirtless? And in return, Gabby twerks for him?! That kind of friendship gold not only lives on social media, but it gives us some pretty awesome #SquadGoals to aspire to.

Check out these 10 celebrity BFF commandments that will strengthen your bond.

1. Thou shalt always make time for Facetime

Whether it’s literally face to face or over a secure wifi connection, making time to actually talk to your friends is important. As adults, we’re all busy, but we have to create time to make sure we connect with the people in our lives who are important. Not every call has to last forever, 30, 15, 5 minutes is still enough time to share with someone important in your life. So make the time.

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2. Thou shalt always celebrate your friends’ shine.

Watching your friend win should be one of the happiest things you can do in support of them. However, there are many times when friendship is tested because you refuse to celebrate your friends’ wins. This not only shows support, but a lack of jealousy and that’s the healthiest thing you can have in a friendship–a lack of jealousy.

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3. Thou shalt never take yourself or your friendship too seriously.

In life, there’s way too much going on for us to be 100% serious about everything. Learning to laugh a little, especially when it’s with your bestie is the key to a joyful life. Also, there’s some type of science somewhere that proves the more you laugh, the longer your life will be. So, live!

4. Thou shalt create family from friends.

Both men and women do it–they get so close to their friends, they call them family (sister/bro). One thing that’s certain about family is that no matter what happens, we’re still related by the blood in our veins, meaning you can’t get rid of family. Once you graduate a friend to a family member, you’re showing your friend that they can’t get rid of you. Unconditional love is born here.

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5. Thou shalt always be a solid foundation for your friends.

Our friends count on us for support. Not every friendship is solid, but you should always try your best to start the friendship on a sturdy foundation so that anything that comes along can’t easily shake it.

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6. Thou shalt blend your friends.

If you keep great people around you, there should never be any issues with blending your friends. As adults, we tend to compartmentalize our friends and keep them in those separate boxes: work friends, go out friends, etc., but mixing those friends makes your bond with everyone stronger.


7. Thou shalt go beyond the surface with your friends.

Having brunch, going shopping or chit chatting on social media every once in a while is fine, but friendships should go deeper. There are way too many issues happening in our world right now and our voices are needed. If you can’t connect with your friends to be a part of the movement, then who can you connect with?

8. Thou shalt forever and always practice loyalty on your friends.

In a world where we’re singing, “These hoes ain’t loyal,” it’s nice to know that there is some loyalty in our real life relationships. Within friendships, loyalty is one of those valuable qualities that cannot be compromised. Longevity and an open heart guarantees loyalty within your friendship.

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9. Thou shalt know there’s more than enough for you both to win.

Jealousy is poison, especially in friendships. But it happens sometimes, especially if you’re in the same field or doing similar things. There’s more than enough in the world for you and your friend to win. Don’t be the type that smiles in their face and tries to sabotage them behind their backs. Support them and maybe it will help you win too.


10. Thou shalt fall in love with your best friend.

Not all friendships are platonic. For those of us lucky enough to meet a partner in crime that is also a lover, make sure that person is your best friend. The foundation of love should always be friendship.


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