Reasons Women Aren’t Crazy About Traveling With Men

September 1, 2015  |  
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We put out a list of reasons men don’t like to travel with women, and we have to be fair—men come with their own travel woes! Here are 15 reasons women hate going on trips with men.




Schedule fiends

Women like to go with the flow and see what the day may bring when we travel. When we go with a group of women, we’ll loosely schedule an activity or two in a day. But aside from that, we like to take it easy and see what we happens. Men like to have everything scheduled, tickets booked, reservations made.


Research addicts

A man will ask what the five best hiking grounds are and research every single one. A woman will say, “Hiking sounds great! Let’s go!” We don’t care if we’re going on the best possible hike. We’re just interested in going.




Day drinking

Men are just better at day drinking than women are. If I have two mimosas at 2 p.m., I need a nap by 5, and when I wake up at 7, I’m depressed and my day is ruined. Men can day drink and party on through the night.


They won’t ask for directions

We all know by now that men will not ask for directions. It’s not a huge deal when you’re lost now and then. But when you’re traveling, you’re constantly lost, and you shouldn’t take any chances.



They don’t care about ambiance

To men, a pizza place is a pizza place is a pizza place. Men don’t want to wait 20 minutes for a table at the place with the patio and table service when they can order at the hole in the wall immediately.



Men forget to pack everything

Women pack meticulously, planning what they will put in their suitcases days before the trip. We make lists. We cross-check our lists. We pack two of everything just in case. Men, however, say, “Did you bring toothpaste because I didn’t?” the second you get settled somewhere.

They work on vacation

Women have a little less anxiety about missing a work call or email while on vacation. We prioritize the holiday. But men can get anxious and check their emails every day.



What about a room with a view?

Man: “Does it matter? It’s just a room where we will sleep and shower.” Woman: “It’s what sets the tone for our entire day!”




They won’t take pictures

Men never want to stop to take pictures together, and then later, when they see the one photo you managed to snap they say, “Man. I wish we’d taken more pictures.” Sigh.



They won’t do guided tours

They like to wander around giant museums and historic places instead of riding around looking like the quintessential tourist.


They’re rule breakers

Men like to try to skip lines, jump gates, ask a business owner to stay open later for us, ask for a lower price, request a free upgrade–whatever they can think of. They’re rule breakers! This can give us anxiety.



Budgeting? What budgeting?

Whenever I’ve traveled with men, if an expensive activity or meal comes up, they say, “Screw it. We’re only here once.”


They don’t need sleep

Men barely need to sleep. How do they do that? They can get five hours of rest, wake up, guzzle coffee and run around again for a full day. I don’t know about you, but I need naps if I’m going to enjoy myself!



They barely need to eat!

Guys forget to eat. Sometimes they just need coffee in the morning, then a huge dinner later. My blood sugar is drowning at that point.


They don’t make new friends

Women are social creatures. We love to meet the locals where we go and check out places we’re invited to by new people! Guys are a bit more on the “Let’s stick to ourselves” tip when it comes to traveling.


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