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In this fast-paced society, sometimes it’s good to slow down and really look at what’s right in front of you. Life is so much more stressful when we try to plan out our every move, and so disappointing when it steers us in a completely different direction. Some women wait and search their whole lives for “Mr. Right,” however, many end up with a bunch of “Mr. Right Nows.” But that’s not such a bad thing. Sometimes we end up unhappy or dissatisfied with the things we thought we wanted and end up happy with the things we never would have imagined. Many lessons and perks come with dating a “Mr. Right Now.” For instance:

They Fill A Void.

Before I start a riot, hear me out. We are naturally made to love and want love. It’s in our DNA. It’s a basic necessity to want and seek companionship, because who wants to be alone? The older we get the more that desire needs to be fulfilled. It’s perfectly okay to want the romantic company of someone. It is also completely up to you to define the boundaries of how far you want it to go and how long you would like it to last. Sometimes we rush into relationships we aren’t ready for when all we really wanted was just simple camaraderie and intimacy without strings. Be honest with yourself.

They Help You Appreciate The “Moments”

Dating and being okay with Mr. Right Now forces you to drop certain expectations and just enjoy the moment. Enjoy those last-minute dates and spontaneous trips. Enjoy the company. Constantly having conversations about where your interactions are headed or what one’s expectations are can be emotionally and mentally taxing. Stop racking your brain and just be happy in that moment, for a moment.

They Aid In Self-Discovery And Providing Clarity Of Your Type

You learn a lot about yourself when you allow yourself to yield to the dating experience with whoever you’re with. You discover what you like, dislike, want and need. You also learn about a completely different individual other than yourself. That forces you to be more open to learning more about how you date. This alone will benefit you when it comes to finding the love you deserve.

They Open You Up To Opportunities

I once dated someone just as creative as I am. While he wasn’t the one for me, being with him and enjoying those moments allowed me to broaden my professional network. It helped me to realize the path I wanted to take in my creative projects and ventures. I started writing again because he appealed to my artistic nature. I also took away a lot of insight about personal responsibility.  I absorbed a great deal from that experience, and it opened the door for many more opportunities–pertaining and not relating to love.

I didn’t learn much about the dating experience until I was single. Even in being in a long-term relationship with someone, I still didn’t know much about what I was doing. Being single and just having fun getting to know guys allowed me to see how people date nowadays, the expectations they have, and how I could grow from those experiences. So even if you may not see anything long-term with an individual, remember that you have to start somewhere. A relationship never stemmed overnight and, you never know, Mr. Right Now could eventually turn into Mr. Right.

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