Are You A Helicopter Mom? The Next Level Of Overprotective

August 27, 2015  |  

Parenting is not an easy job. You are responsible for the life of another human being 24/7 and if you have multiple children your worrying is just amplified. However, life is about balance and too much of anything isn’t always a good thing. If worrying over your child has become all-consuming, you may be a helicopter mom.

A helicopter parent is defined as someone who hovers over their child 24/7 and obsesses over protecting them in every single aspect of their day. There is nothing wrong with being close with your child, but if you are starting to wonder if you have developed some helicopter ways, check out some of the signs below:

1. You Spoil Them Constantly
There isn’t anything wrong with buying things for your kids, but if you are buying the cutest clothes, latest gadgets, and newest cell phones all the time when they aren’t even asking for it, you might be overdoing it.

2. Letting Go Is Very Hard To Do
If it is almost physically impossible to let them out of your sight, no matter what age, you could be a helicopter parent.

3. Your Child Is Always Right
If you are the one that is constantly defending everything about your child and thinks the teacher is crazy when they say your kid could use a little improvement, you are probably a helicopter mom. Helicopter parents are always making excuses for their children.

4. Your Child Always Looks Over-Prepared
It’s time for the school camping trip and your child shows up with an overstuffed backpack, knee pads and goggles so that nothing flies in their eyes. If this is your kid, you are probably a helicopter mom.

5. You Are The Homework Over Achiever
If you start out helping with homework and by the end you have actually taken over and are writing it yourself, you could be a helicopter mom. You want them to succeed so badly that you aren’t letting them do it for themselves.

6. You Make All The Choices
You could be hovering a little too much if you are picking out their clothes, choosing their friends, their food, and all of their extra-curricular activities. In order for them to grow and become more independent they need to start making some decisions on their own.

If you happen to be any or all of these things you may want to consider trying to let go just a little. You are doing a great job as a parent and part of that job is to slowly ease up and allow your child to become more and more independent. Plus, it could boost their self-confidence if they know that you’re starting to trust their judgment more.

One thing that might help you ease up a little is to pursue some things you love, solo. When you take your mind off your little one so that you can have a relaxing time, you’ll end up being a better mom anyway.

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