Mompreneur 101: Surviving A Newborn And A New Business

August 27, 2015  |  

I have always been a serial entrepreneur. I was the nine-year-old kid who took the lemonade stand to the next level with a marketing plan and multi-colored cups to draw people in. So, when I met my partner a few years ago I purposely got settled and very serious about staring a business so that I could stay home with my kids whenever “kids” came into the picture. Well, I was in for the shock of my life when the doctor told me those two little dark marks on the sonogram were twins.

After the shock came the excitement and I really didn’t even worry the whole nine months about how I would manage freelance writing and running my marketing consulting firm. I went on having meetings, throwing events, and writing during my pregnancy.

But, once the babies came, trying to even think about work for five minutes was almost impossible so I had to get creative and make it work. Here are some things I did while having more than one newborn and a new business …


Naptime Is Not Always Worktime

As a new career mom your initial thoughts are probably that you can work when they sleep…wrong! Trust me, you need sleep or it will affect how you treat the baby, possibly your breast milk production, and especially work. So don’t sleep every time they sleep but if they are taking three naps a day, you should at least sleep for one of them. That two hours will be your savior. Now, take advantage of the other hour or two when they nap and get as much work done as you can.

Procrastination Is Not An Option

Before I had kids I would stop what I was doing to watch a little of a show or have a phone conversation in the middle of work but those days are over. When you have a little time, work and focus like you never have before.

A Peaceful Mindset

Ok so the first three to six months of motherhood just isn’t easy but in order to stay sane and balance it all, incorporate some small relaxation tips that work for you. If it relaxes you to read a book then try and read a little once a week. If meditation used to be your forte then try little sessions of “still time” versus an hour like you did before. If you are going stir crazy then everything else in your life will too, including work.

The Baby Carrier

Your newborn will feel the most comfortable being nestled next to you so if you know you have a phone conference for work then put a pacifier in the babies mouth, put them in the baby carrier and walk around slowly having your meeting. Doing it this way might heighten the chances that they will keep quiet when you take the phone off of mute to talk.

Hire A Part-time Sitter

If you can afford a part-time sitter who comes for an hour a day or two hours twice a week to sit with the baby while you are in the other room, then this is when you should get your most important work done. If not a sitter than maybe your parents or a close trusted friend can help.

Your Memory May Not Be The Same

This is not the time to beat yourself up about not remembering a client meeting or luncheon. Your hormones are raging and you are taking care of another human being 24/7 so let sticky notes be your friend. Keep a to-do list on a dry erase board for work in the kitchen and check things off as you go.

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