Don’t Give It All Away: 5 Reasons To Share Less About Your Kids On Social Media

August 25, 2015  |  

I was one of the last people in my group of friends to get on Facebook. I just didn’t see what all the hype was about and I wasn’t all that interested in sharing bits of my personal life online. Finally, after much convincing, I started an account and slowly began to add friends. And I do mean slowly because it’s 2015 and I still only have about 350 Facebook friends, compared to the 1,000+ friends that most people I know have.

I was once a Twitter hater as well, but now it’s one of my favorite social media platforms. Needless to say a lot has changed over the years. Some of it has been a genuine interest in using these platforms to stay connected with family and friends, while a lot of it has been an appreciation for the benefits that come with using social media to grow your business. No entrepreneur can deny that.

So with all of the amazing opportunities social media offers, I think we all know that all good things can come with an ugly side. Haven’t you ever seen something on Facebook, Instragram or Twitter and wondered why the hell someone would post it. I know I have. Actually, it happens every single day.

And while I am the first person to now admit that social media is incredible, I am also the first person to wonder why people share so much, not just about themselves but about their kids. Despite my desire to not share too much about my children, I have acknowledged that I chose to launch a business where I am the brand and building trust with my audience requires me to share some of who I am. And honestly, despite my paranoia about the world we live in, I like letting people into my life a little bit.

But I also think that as parents, we might want to consider sharing a little bit less about our children. Although doing so may be all in love and good fun, there can definitely be harmful consequences when we don’t think twice.

Here are 5 reasons you should share less about your kids on social media.


Your kids may not want it public. Sure, it might seem cute to share Jared’s first time on the potty but you really have no idea where this picture might end up or what type of embarrassment it may cause your kid when he gets older. It’s one thing to have family members flipping through albums and seeing those pics, but it’s an entirely different story when anyone can see them.

Some details can put them at risk. We often over share without even realizing it. Posting a picture where people can see the name of the street you live on or the sign for the school your kid attends can be dangerous. You also may want to limit sharing your child’s name, birthday and other details. It gives too many people access to details that they can use to cause harm.

Digital kidnapping is real. You’ve heard the stories before, but I am sure you think it won’t happen to you. I’m here to tell you that it CAN happen to you. People do steal images of children from Facebook pages or Instagram and they can use your child’s image for a number of things without your permission.

Online predators. I know none of us want to think about this, but online predators are out there. So before you post that cute naked picture of your little one in the bath, consider the fact that the image may end up in the wrong hands. Some pictures of our kids belong in a photo album or protected on our hard drives.  

You don’t know what their future holds. You really have no idea what your kid plans to do when they become adults, so why take away their power to choose. They may end up in a profession where all those pictures may hurt, or your kids may end up being a lot more private than you are and have no interested in having their images plastered online.

Sharing too much about your kids doesn’t make you a bad parent. Most of the sharing comes from a place of pride and love. It’s totally understandable. But as parents, even the very best intentions can land us in a jam. Think twice before you share more than you really need to. Our job is to protect our kids as much as we can until they are old enough to figure it out on their own.

Martine Foreman is a life + relationship coach, freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, and speaker. To learn more about her work and get great tips on how to create a life you love, check her out at CandidBelle.  

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