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Michel’le isn’t here for Dr. Dre’s apology because she isn’t convinced that it’s coming from a sincere place. As previously reported, Dre, with a cosign from Apple, issued a formal apology to all of the women he abused.

“I don’t really think it’s a sincere apology,” the singer-turned-reality-star told FACT Mag. “I didn’t ask for a public apology and I think if he is going to apologize he should do it individually.”

Had the music mogul taken the time out to address his victims individually, or privately, his apology would have been better received the singer reasoned.

“To just group us like we are nothing and nobody – I just don’t think it’s sincere, treat us like we have names. He’s selling a movie. I just think it’s good PR at the moment.”

Sadly, Michel’le says that at the time, she felt that their abusive relationship was normal.

“I had to cover two or three black eyes for my videos, and one of the make-up ladies – she said you’ve got to stop letting him beat you,” she added. “I thought he cared about me. I didn’t know any better. I just really thought that was what men do, I thought it was a form of love. When I was a little kid we got whipped. It was nothing new to me, I was used to it. I was co-dependent on him – he was my world. So you don’t just pack up and go.”

Former television personality Dee Barnes, who was assaulted by the rapper, also responded to Dre’s apology this week.

“I hope he meant it. I hope he represents these words in his life. I hope that after all these years, he really is a changed man,” Barnes wrote. “Dr. Dre has matured, and the women he’s hurt, including myself, have endured. I’m proud to be able to say goodbye to the man who at one point was straight outta f-cks to give, as he consistently dismissed and disrespected any mention of his assault history.”


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