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Student loan debt is no joke as many millennials look for ways to pay back their IOU for advancing their education. One can only hope there’s a great job in your forecast with a chance of promotion or high earning potential so you stay on top of those monthly bills.

They say kids are smarter than ever these days because of all the access they have to technology and that appears to be true as college students look to crowdfund their education. Yes, you heard right: College students today are taking to sites like GoFundMe to get others to finance their education — without strings or repayments — and are unashamed.

Honestly, I’m not too surprised considering all the stuff you see on crowdfunding sites these days. Even celebrities have used them to finance upcoming projects that had some giving the side eye. So Should college students be any different?

It’s one thing if you’re ambitious and don’t have access to any financial means of attending college (i.e. denied a loan because your parents have really bad credit), but it’s a completely different story in my book to try and solely rely on the kindness of others to get you through those four years (in some cases two).

Perhaps Uncle Sam and other institutions should take note of this growing trend and rethink some of their own practices. College tuition has grown a bit out of hand, to say the least, so much so that it’s no longer makes a realistic option for some to even consider. Couple that with grants and scholarships drying up and you have a very serious problem — one prospective students are trying to remedy with crowdfunding.

My younger sister is now in her junior year of college. Thankfully it’s completely financed thanks to her high school hustle to maintain a desirable GPA for her university’s honors program. Considering I dang near researched my finger tips off trying to scrounge up enough scholarships to make my dreams real (I had good grades but apparently not her luck), I personally wouldn’t want my sis to try and get an education off the assumption someone else will pay for it.

Now who am I to say a student can’t raise money however they can? If people believe in your goals and want to help pay for them, by all means, do you boo boo. But that doesn’t automatically make me kosher with the idea when you consider others use crowdfunding to pay for those they’re unable to bury due to lack of insurance — or super expensive medical procedures. I guess that’s actually the beauty of crowdfunding sites, you get to pick and choose who you want to support. *Kanye shrug*

What do you think about using crowdfunding sites to pay for college? Nothing wrong or overstepping boundaries of kindness?

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