When Craigslist Isn’t Getting It: Creative Ways To Find A Job

August 25, 2015  |  
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Did you hear about the woman who handed her resume out on the street? When the job market gets tough, it’s time to think outside of the box to get noticed. Check out these creative ways to find a job when it feels like no one is hiring and nothing else is working.

Advertise Yourself On Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is surprisingly inexpensive, and you don’t have to own a business to do it. Put together an ad for your particular skill set, and then target it to the employers in your field.

Take A Startup CEO For Coffee

Know of a new startup you’re excited about? Don’t wait until they call for resumes. Use social media to invite the future CEO out for a cup of coffee. Tell them why you’re a perfect fit and your initiative may help you beat the hiring rush.

Ask For An Informational Interview

Just because one of your favorite companies isn’t hiring doesn’t mean you have to wait for a position to open. You could ask for an informational interview.

Come armed with solutions, ideas and reasons why they need you on their team and you might find a job where there wasn’t one before.

Get Creative With Your Resume

Hiring managers go through thousands of resumes a day. Make yours stand out with photos, bright colors and infographics.

Want to get really creative? What about a resume that doubles as a wrapper for a chocolate bar? Or one in the shape of a wedding invitation encouraging someone to hire you? These ideas may sound over the top, but they’ve actually helped people get hired!

Try To Go Viral

Want a job in animation? Make a short film and send it around. Are your legal skills unbeatable? Get noticed for doing pro bono work in your field. Getting noticed for your talent is an excellent way to get the attention of future employers too.


Try A Billboard

It worked for London job seeker Adam Pacitti and formerly unemployed candidates who followed his example. Pacitti reportedly received more than 100 job offers. 


Pull A Stunt

Go above and beyond a resume and cover letter with a project idea, mockup or super creative e-mail. You’ll showcase your talent and let them know that you really want the job.


Contact A Potential Mentor

Do some Googling to find people who are employed in a position you want to be in. Send them an email, or ask them out for coffee for professional advice — then let them know that you’re looking. If your credentials and initiative impress them, they may extend a hand and help you find an opportunity. 


Put Your Resume On A T-Shirt

Hey, you never know when your future employer could be standing behind you in line.

Expand Your Search

Desperate for a job? Expand your search outside your city. If you’re willing to move, finding a job in another city might be just the thing to get you hired.

Offer To Work For Free

Or at the most, really cheap. Offering to work on a contracted basis allows a company to try you out on a trial basis without investing in a new hire.  Your initiative could snag you a job. Just be sure there are limits on the contract, so you don’t find yourself working incredibly long hours.

Make A Video Resume

A one to three-minute short film that states why you’re worthy of a job can put you head and shoulders above similarly skilled applicants. You can even upload that video on networking sites like CareerBuilder and LinkedIn.

Hold A Contest

Give your friends and family your uber-creative resume. Offer a reward — a homemade meal, movie passes, or a promise to stop crashing on their couch — for the first person who helps you land a job.

Head To Happy Hour

When times are tough, the best way to get an inside track on an unadvertised job is through a referral. The next time you head out for a drink, do so during happy hour. Strike up a conversation about your job search and see what pans out!

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