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Here I am counting down the time before I go to the gym and I already feel like a crazy woman. Working out isn’t anything out of the ordinary when it comes to my daily life. Now nine weeks postpartum, I exercise no less than four days a week.  As much as I’m very thankful for the ability to stay fit throughout my entire pregnancy — including my last (I gave birth last year) — I still am a work in progress when it comes to weight.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, What the heck is this chick’s problem, doesn’t she realize it takes time to lose baby weight? The answer to that million dollar question is yes. Of course it will take some time for your body for that matter to begin functioning like clockwork.

I think I had unrealistic expectations with this pregnancy given my first was so easy. Only gaining 19 pounds, I was able to lose all the baby weight in three weeks without so much as thinking about a weight to lift. Side note: When they say breastfeeding is where it’s at, they aren’t lying. I’ve always heard that second pregnancies are different, and while this baby came out super quick (both were natural deliveries with my first coming in seven hours, and second in under three hours), there’s something the women in my life failed to tell me.

It’s harder to lose baby weight the second time around.

Honestly, I can’t complain as I think I gained 24 pounds with this pregnancy (I really didn’t care so long as I felt good and could move). I felt like such a champ two weeks after delivery when the scale showed I lost 10 pounds without doing anything. Unlike my first pregnancy, the doctor cleared me to work out after a couple weeks postpartum, so long as I promised not to do anything crazy. Feeling back to my old self, I just knew I was going to weigh much less than I did before I was pregnant.

Well the lie detector determined that was a lie.

Three weeks postpartum turned into a month, and a month turned into two. Would you believe that damn scale did not budge a pound? Well, it did and then went right back to where it was. I thought something was wrong with and ended up buying a new one as I knew I was going to weigh less.


The point I’m trying to make is this: Just because you stay fit throughout your pregnancy doesn’t mean the pounds will shed off every time. In fact, I think one of the reasons I’m staying a certain weight is because I gained muscle during my days with the bump. Yeah I have jiggly skin due to a mini kangaroo pouch, but you wouldn’t even think I gave birth two months ago if you saw me in class.

I think this is important for women to understand — especially fellow sisters of the gym rat faith — you aren’t doing anything wrong if you’re eating healthy and staying active to the best of your ability. Even if your weight on the scale doesn’t match your fierceness in real life, who cares? It will come down when it comes down.

I really wish more women would grasp this as it can drive you nuts if you let it. One of my gal pals gave birth a couple months before me (her second child as well) and dedicated too much time than necessary trying to get back to her pre-baby size. Not only did she questionably “eat clean” but worked out nonstop to shed her weight. Now don’t get me wrong, I loves a good gym session, but only because of how it makes me feel. I’m not in there with a calorie counter trying to figure out how much extra time I need to dedicate to the cause. Yes I was frustrated with not seeing the scale match my hustle, but I learned to let that go.

There’s just no point in beating yourself up over something petty. At the end of the day, you have your health, your child’s health and something beautiful to live for. What more could you ask for?

Were you working out throughout your pregnancy?

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