And The Wheels Came Off: The 9 Worst Celebrity Interviews Ever

August 26, 2015  |  
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There is nothing we love more than when a celebrity interview goes up in flames. Sometimes it’s the Hollywood A-lister who makes a scene, other times it’s subpar journalists looking to get a rise out of their celeb interviewee. Whatever the cause, whatever the backstory, one thing remains constant: These hot messes of interviews are the light of our lives (at least on the celebrity news front). Here we take a look at some of the roughest, most awkward, most terrible celebrity interviews of all time.

Fantastic Four Interview

We may have only been able to track down the audio for this train wreck of an interview, but trust us when we say the audio will surely suffice. Not only do radio hosts Southside Steve and Jason Bailey ask how it is possible that Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara could play siblings in the film, but later in the interview comes an awkward exchange in which Steve asks Mara why she would have cut her hair when she was so hot before. Now that’s what we call journalism.

Cara Delevingne

If we’re being honest here, Cara Delevingne has always struck us as a bit moody. But we had no idea the girl had it in her to really rip people a new one until we saw her disastrous interview with Good Day Sacramento. Now granted, these anchors really screwed the pooch with their misguided questions and awkward demeanor, but boy oh boy did the shade train come to town the minute Delevingne opened her mouth. But hey, we wouldn’t have been any more pleasant if we had to deal with those anchors’ stupidity first-thing in the morning either.

Jesse Eisenberg

We’re still not sure exactly what went wrong here, but all we know is that “Now You See Me” star Jesse Eisenberg was not feeling reporter Romina Puga. In an interview that lasted little over two minutes, poor Puga nervously tries to ask Eisenberg a variety of awkward and awkwardly-phrased questions. Clearly over this interview before it really began, Eisenberg made it his mission to be as big of a you know what as possible. Now we know we should probably feel bad for this young reporter, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t thoroughly entertained by Eisenberg’s snarky comments.

Samuel L. Jackson

We definitely know of at least one reporter who won’t ever misidentify Samuel L. Jackson again.

Samuel L. Jackson Strikes Again

This may be one of the briefest encounters on our list, but it was still a doozy. While promoting his acclaimed film “Django Unchained,” Samuel L. Jackson was asked about the prolific use of the N-word in the movie. Jackson, whether tired of being asked the same question interview after interview or trying to prove a larger point, insisted that the reporter say the word out loud. Wisely, the young reporter declined, but Jackson refused to answer the question and insisted they move on with the interview.

Denzel Washington

Now we will be the first ones to say how much we love Denzel Washington. He is sexy, talented and a true class act. Well, at least usually he is. While promoting “Unstoppable,” Washington went in on a Australian reporter who seemed to just be trying to conduct a simple Q&A with the star. Evasive, obnoxious and completely disinterested, Washington wrecked the interview with ease. Everyone is entitled to a bad day, so we’d genuinely like to think that Washington just woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning.

Robert Downey Jr.

Things were going so well for the first few minutes. And then one reporter tried to get all “Diane Sawyer-y.”

Amy Schumer

The following words were said during a single interview: “skanky,” “pubic hair,” and “cheap sex.” So if that doesn’t give you a good indication of just how awkward a recent interview with Amy Schumer was, we don’t know what will.

Tom Cruise

Two genuinely obnoxious, annoying people going in on each other is the stuff that dreams are made of. So thank you, Matt Lauer and Tom Cruise, from the bottom of our hearts for being the tools that you guys were always meant to be. Need proof? The interview above should do the trick.

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